Done is better than perfect.

Dear Dayre,

Here's my quote of the day!

Done is better than perfect.

Which is also why I'm now updating on Dayre cos I keep on thinking that I'll update once I have a super long time to write a super awesome post but nope not happening. Instead of thinking about it and waiting for the perfect post to happen I am just gonna DO IT.

Cos done is always better!!! No more excuses Mdm Goh. Stop looking for that perfect time to happen for you to do everything perfectly in your ideal perfect world. Cos you know what, that perfect time will never come.

Dreaming big starts from doing small actions.

Like me updating Dayre right now!!!!!!!! 💪💪💪 (Yes I just contributed to supporting Dayre financially cos I bought coins to purchase this set of cute stickers!) More stickers for Dayre please @bossming!

I sense that 2015 will be a very important year for me. Even though January has already come to an end and it's now February already, the year feels like an unknown and mysterious time ahead because I feel that many changes will be taking place this year, not just in my personal life now that I'm married, but also in my different job scopes and roles.

(Yes new sticker again!)

As you know, I love my blog, and currently, this love also extends to all my social media platforms, and even my online boutique (TheVelvetDolls), because all these are extensions of my personality and myself to me.

I had a huge revelation while speaking to this amazing person called Ayla last weekend, or rather it's not so much a revelation but a strong realization and almost like I got to renew and remember my purpose as a "blogger", and what I enjoy and love doing.

(Just let me spam my stickers cos I paid for them, ok!)

Why I love blogging is not just because I get to chronicle down precious moments and memories of my life and my loved ones,

But something else that has given me immense gratification and satisfaction as I write and share online is… You. Yes you, dear reader, right now reading this.

Thing is, when I start blogging for myself, all I was doing was sharing my personal thoughts and documenting my days, like a very private diary. But slowly, my readership grew, and I started making real connections to the people who were reading what I wrote.

I don't know about you, but I think all humans are the same. We crave for love and friendship from other human beings, and thanks to blogging, I found new "digital" friends like @jazreeltan @trishaliang @ceejayam and so many more!

Writing to an audience has given me so much joy and comfort.

When I've something happy and exciting to share, I'm even happier to get super awesome comments from you. When I'm in a contemplative mood and I get a little emo with my posts, reading a comment from a reader who can totally understand how I feel makes me feel way better too.

When I recommend something I love and readers love it as much as I do, it makes me so happy too! When I'm able to write something helpful (even as silly as like how to take a nice selfie or like post-wedding tips) and somehow it was useful to you, I also feel really good about it.

Why it gives me so much joy and gratification is because I feel like I am able to make a difference in someone else's life, no matter how tiny it was. Even if you read just to pass the time during your daily commute.

The realization is that, this is essentially what I love about blogging. It's really all about creating a positive impact, regardless of how tiny my readership is. It's about how I'm able to forge genuine connections with you, the reader.

I'm real glad to have Dayre now because I felt for a long time (the past couple of years) that blogging was turning so commercialized and artificial, because it's really hard to pour your heart out to the scary WWW, with so many considerations in mind.

I don't want blogging to be just another source of income for me, but I want to remember why I love this so much. (It's not about the money money money. We don't need your money money money)

I love it because of the real human connections. Because I can make a difference in my teeny tiny way. Because when you relate to me, we're all brought down to the same ground zero of empathy and love for our fellow human beings.

Done is better than perfect.

You see what I mean??! I just started writing because done is better than perfect and I end up talking so much rubbish, and writing more than I intended to.

So this year, I will keep in mind that done is better than perfect. Also, to stay true to what I love and do it because I love it.


Sibei lohsoh and I don't even know if I'm making any sense to you. I find that I'm super incoherent sometimes and I have been worrying about my writing abilities of late.

But I shall once again remind myself that Done is better than Perfect and not fret!

HAVE AN AWESOME DAY AHEAD! *end of incoherent rambling*

I have also decided I shall give thanks for all the little blessings that I am so privileged to receive. Like a box of Sephora goodies! Rose mask on my face right now as I type this. Feels awesome to do some DIY pampering at home!

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