Dear Dayre,

Rolling around in bed though I really need to get up soon to get today's activities started. Ok. I give myself 20 more minutes.

It's Friday and then it's the weekend and then it's a few more days and it's CNY!

What I'm looking forward to: hopefully having some time when I can sort of just spazz out and take a break then sort through my TW and Spain photos and put them up on my blog. I'm gonna be in Kukup for two days with YZ and relatives so I think I should have some time right?

I need to be more GOAL-ORIENTED!

I think that's the major problem of my life. That I only do what I wanna do and stave off the stuff that are just sort of lurking in the back of my mind & then they never get done. Like for instance, remember I said I wanted to do a TVD event last year?

I'm guilty to say that the only event that happened was warehouse sale ๐Ÿ˜ญ

THIS YEAR I MUST. And I will make it a goal. I will start from small cozy sessions and hold them once every 3 months!

Very do-able? ๐Ÿ‘โœจ

Will think about what other goals I want to achieve and list down the step-by-step breakdown. ๐Ÿ’ช Big things start small.

I have another 14 minutes to roll around in bed and Dayre before I get up.


I clicked into @ekyle's profile and saw that she was taking part in a #AskMeAnything hashtag.

Well I have askfm but why not just do it here cos it'll be fun! Plus I think us Dayre-ians are a different crowd.

Do you have anything random to ask me, I will answer as long as I have an answer to it hahaha it can be something as random as "How did you get to know @evonnz?"

To which the answer is we met online on a comic art forum 12 years ago. And yes @evonnz was already very chio 12 years ago.

Ok ah don't need to be shy ask away!!!

Disclaimer: just don't ask me industry-sensitive stuff that I cannot answer okay? (Like where I find apparel supplier all that. ๐Ÿ™…)

@hogaeslehc: "How did I meet my husband"

I met him at a ๆฐ‘ๆญŒ้คๅŽ… aka music cafe back in the days I was taking pop music classes and he was helping a friend part-time manage the cafe! The cafe was holding some singing competition and I was too lazy to take part but went down often to support my classmates who were in it (got voting one) and so one fine night after competition ended our two grps of ppl (me w classmates, him w colleagues) bumped into one another & decided to have our supper tgt.

So YZ being the friendly and people-loving guy that he is, asked how the singing competition was going and if we had any feedback and I don't think he expected anyone to really say negative stuff but me being the very straight forward and honest person that I am was like "You really want to know? Okay it was… Djsoendnekejjxkwjcokjuuowbndksnhgakfggkwozjwbzlkfwncowjahggij!!!!!!!!" And YZ was so taken aback he thought to himself "ๅ“‡่ฟ™ไธชๅฅณไบบไธๅฅฝๆƒน" who knew eventually he fell for me cos of that hahaha

@chancedupon "products missing from website"

ok legit question. The products should all be available on site (Tho some are sold out) so it could be your browser!! I just checked and I have the same problem too on my phone ๐Ÿ™ try using computer cos it works on my laptop!

@davienne "how to be lazy and pretty"

REALLY HUIWEN. Nowadays technology is meant for lazy ppl! Since you've already gotten your eyebrows embroidered (one good step towards becoming effortlessly pretty) maybe you want to consider beauty services like eyeliner embroidery cos it makes you look instantly better and you won't have to do anything for monthssss.

But you have to see the amt of time spent on my makeup and you'd know that unfortunately I put in a lot of effort to look effortless ๐Ÿ˜ข

@ntemily "Where did I get lace top in previous post"

It's from Lilypirates!!! Wooohooo

@tangledshe "What cameras do I use?"

I usually rotate my cameras and I'm using: Olympus EPL5, Sony RX100ii and Samsung Nx3000! So no I haven't tried EPL7 but as seeing how I got most of my friends to convert to Oly after I started using Oly 4-5 years ago, I can tell you that Oly is awesome! The biggest con is that it's bigger and heavier than a smaller compact like say the Sony or Samsung that I also own.

@jeymin: "What car would I buy?"

I used to drive a Honda Jazz so I sort of have a preference for small cute cars ๐Ÿ˜ If I had lots of money,
I'd love a Mini Cooper!! But honestly don't see it happening anytime soon ๐Ÿ˜ข Probably invest in a house before anything else!

@simx3 "What jobs did I hold before blogging and why I got into blogging full-time?"

I was trained as a graphic designer and worked at IFS (Imaginary Friends Studio) as a Digital Artist working on comic coloring and game art for about two years! Then I got retrenched at the young age of 20 (studio faced financial difficulties) and found another job at NTU ADM (Art Design Media School) as a Project Research Assistant working on an educational game project.

Between three hours of transit daily and the mind-numbingly boring workload, I started doing a lot of blogging and online shopping, and eventually started TVD at that point of time with sissy @zuanqing!

Awhile later I was shortly contracted to Nuffnang thanks to @davienne who "talent-scouted" me so maybe you can ask @davienne what she saw in me ๐Ÿ˜‚ It took 2 years at least, though, for me to really start getting significant income from blogging. Which I'm now very thankful for!

@ashleyteoyiling: "That maxi in @jadeseah's video?"

It's a jumpsuit from Miss Selfridge actually! But you'll see a similar version on TVD called "Camille Floral Jumpsuit" which was inspired from the original version ๐Ÿ˜ Thank youuu for the compliment, you're too sweet!

@wailay85: "Lambo on my wedding day rental?"

It was loaned on friendship terms from my dad's friend so we didn't actually pay to rent it, but we did give an Angbao to the uncle! Few hundred dollars ba?

@summerpeonies: "HBD thoughts and opinions?"

We are looking at BTO and resale units both! Our last attempt for BTO was a horribly bad Q no ๐Ÿ˜ข

I know many people don't mind staying in Punggol and Sengkang, but I much rather prefer a unit in a mature estate cos location is a huge factor for us! So even a resale flat is an option if the location is prime. Of course somewhere near our parents would be awesome but my hopes aren't high on that! (Bedok and AMK.. Wait long long then got new BTO)

@aangelineloves: "How does it feel like to stay with in-laws and how to resolve conflicts?"

I have to say that I'm quite fortunate as of now (about one and a half months w my in-laws!) no conflicts yet and we get along fine, also maybe cos it's a huge household and we have four couples staying together atm! (YZ's parents, his bro/SIL and sis/BIL) a lot of family interaction! His parents also work so most of the time they're up and out before I am and we only see one another at night.

In general, just mind your own business la, show respect to everyone else (not your house y'know) and be polite and nice. Don't get into ppl's way or do anything out of line!

@hueyzz "What other hobbies do I have & am I still gyming?"

Apart from singing, I super love to read! ๐Ÿ˜โœจ yeah I'm damn anti-social lol. I can stay at home the whole day and just read a book! I've re-read Harry Potter tons of times cos it's just very comfort reading to me. Is travelling considered a hobby? I love going overseas, anywhere!

And I haven't been gyming with @evonnz for a LOOONG loooong time!! ๐Ÿ˜…

@wlingggggg: "How did YZ propose to me/est wedding cost?"

He surprised me with a proposal right on stage when I was performing for a gig at Switch by Timbre! With the help of @evonnz and @trishaliang, the full blog entry (and video) can be found is you google it Im sure ๐Ÿ™Š "Yinagoh proposal" maybe can find!

Est wedding cost: 80k but a good 60k was the banquet!

Commercial break: here's a photo of my shaggy QQ and I'll be back to answer more questions later ๐Ÿ˜‚ keep them coming!

@suuttheebhbmama @meljin: "How did you lose weight?!"

I was 20 years old when I really succeeded in losing weight! I love food a lot so it was really hard for me to see results. But I remember sitting down one day with @insatiablemunch and we both went like "OK LETS DO IT!" We worked in the same office (at IFS) and there was a gym right upstairs so we both hit the gym 5 days a week! Mostly cardio, I did the treadmill 45mins a day!

I also took a appetite suppressant pill which isn't avail in Singapore anymore and it helped initially to curb my appetite. So I cut down on carbs (only half a portion at lunch) and had fruits/veggies for dinner. It was easier back then cos I had less engagements/I was single.

Lost 10kg in about three months tho I've gained back a few kg! Still trying to lose weight all the time, it's a life long struggle ๐Ÿ˜ญ But I believe that a healthy diet is most crucial!

@valenangel: "Where do I see myself in five years time?"

Tbh, I'm not much of a planner and I've never laid out any "5 year plans" for myself. But in 5 years' time I'll be 33 and I suppose by then I might be a mother ๐Ÿ˜จ Which brings me to your next question

@lianmeiting @valenangel: Meiting you trolling me issit ๐Ÿ˜‚ Babies, I'm not trying for any at the moment and I don't think I'll be ready until another year at least! Sian need to face all the relatives asking me to make ็พŠๅฎๅฎ and all that ๐Ÿ’ค

@valenangel: "Biggest challenges as a blogshop owner?"

This is a tough one! Too many challenges. It's a highly competitive industry and consumers have so many choices! And there are many challenging aspects of the business, so many that I don't know where to start.

Ok.. Most challenging part to me is keeping the brand relevant and also how to make it exciting and appealing to customers! Which I'm gonna work hard on this year. A brand is only as good as its designs right?

@444nne: "3 fav destinations in the whole world?"

Hmm let me just name you my one favorite destination haha EUROPE ๐Ÿ˜ Spain, Italy, France..
Love them all! Europe just feels like a whole different world to me and I love that feeling.

Top three destinations I'd like to visit: USA, Japan and any other part of Europe I haven't yet been to!

@Sonia: "How did I learn how to draw on the computer?"

This is a long story that began at the age of 14! Remember those IT enrichment classes that were compulsory in secondary school (if you're from my era….)? In Sec 1, we had Microsoft Office classes, and in Sec 2, we were introduced to Adobe Photoshop.

I've always enjoyed tinkering with computers, so these classes were very fun for me!

Our final assignment for photoshop class was to bring a picture, any random picture, and to draw this picture using photoshop.

Me being me, I showed up for class with no picture in hand cos it totally slipped my mind, but asked around and one of my classmates just happened to bring an extra picture. (Thank you kiasu classmate)

This picture happened to be one of a very famous manga character….

Rurouni Kenshin!

I wasn't expecting to have so much fun copying a picture but I ended up doing a pretty decent job for a 14 year old and my instructor was very very impressed!

I was really delighted to discover this newfound "talent" and when my instructor encouraged me to take up design and pursue it further, I took his word for it and really started to apply myself to drawing and art, both digitally and traditionally.

Stuff I did in my teens.. Practicing my digital painting skills by copying photo realism style.

So that's how I got started! I then took up a digital media design diploma at NYP and further honed my drawing skills, eventually landing a job at one of the best art studios in Singapore.

@light1101dark: "How I manage my busy schedule"

Tbh, I'm horrid at managing my schedule and I really need to work on that! But one thing works very well for me, and you can read up on that by googling something called "The Maker's Schedule."

Basically, instead of too much multi-tasking and trying to do ten thousand things a day, block out long period of hours (i.e. Half a day or even an entire day) dedicated to accomplishing different tasks.

This allows me to concentrate and focus better on all my different jobs. For instance, if I have my photoshoot in the afternoon, I'll try to start on editing the photos straight away that evening to keep the momentum going strong.

If I'm having meetings/events/engagements, I try to go for more meetings/appointments/events on one day and pack as many appts as I can, even if it's a last min hair appt!

Blogging requires more concentration and focus so I usually set aside a longer time period, usually an entire day or afternoon to really focus on getting the job done.

I also like to plan my day so it makes the most sense to me! For instance if I need to take photos/selfies/ootd, that means I need to spend more time making up and dressing up, so I kill two birds with one stone by doing that on the morning of a day when I have an event to attend, etc.

@trishee: "How I got to my level of photography and my gear?"

I've always had a strong aesthetic sense due to my design background and also the amount of time I spent painting and drawing people, so I naturally have a good eye for what I think looks aesthetically pleasing!

It was blogging that got me more and more into photography cos I enjoyed taking nice photos for my blog, and later on having to be the DIY photographer for TVD.

All the time spent handling cameras meant that I got better at photography!

Of course, my prior experience in design and illustration also means that photo-editing is a much lower learning curve for me since I already have photoshop knowledge. ๐Ÿ‘

My usual to-go lens is just a regular 17mm F1.8 on my Oly! I also use the 45mm F1.8, and these two lenses produce great photos just for lifestyle snaps.

@stoneishungry: "How to start putting on makeup?"

Well generally it does take some time to find the best style of makeup for your face, but a good way to start is to go to a makeup store like MAC or Bobbi Brown that offers free makeovers or makeup classes in return for product value, which usually is about $200 roughly! You can ask the makeup artist to do the look for you & try to learn as they do it. Then just buy all the key products so you can experiment and try it yourself at home.

Once you get the hang of it, it's really not that difficult! I find experimenting with makeup very fun and the more you play with makeup, the more easily it will come to you and soon it will become second nature.

@carrotbrinjals @nobodybutchiu: "Where my wedding tea ceremony dress is from"

It's from a brand called Chi Chi London! I'm actually thinking of selling mine off (UK8). UP $160 exclusive shipping, selling it once worn at $100! Any takers?

@staplebullet: "How old are your dogs and a funny story?"

I have three dogs!
1. Baby (fat chihuahua, 8 yrs old)
2. QQ (shaggy Yorkshire terrier, 6 yrs old)
3. Scruffy (hyperactive schnauzer, 1 year old)

As for a funny story.. This video speaks for itself! I laugh everytime I see it cos it's super funny. The downfall of greedy QQ!

@heycrescent: "Fav food, fav place and how many hours I sleep?"

Hmm I love to eat so I don't have like one fav food! Everything is so yummy, how to choose ๐Ÿ˜ข I shall pick steamboat/hotpot as my fav food! I love my food piping hot.

Fav place is….
My bedroom.

So yes I spend a lot of time sleeping if I can. Used to sleep lesser back when I was freelancing and coloring comics late into the night or blogging, but now I need a good 7-8 hours of sleep a night!

@chanwaiying @skylerette: "'My skincare regime?"

Currently, it's as follows ๐Ÿ‘‡
Cleanse (Kiehls calendula cleanser)
Tone (Estee Lauder Micro Essence)
Serum (Shu Uemura Tsuya serum)
Moisturizer (Endocare Gel Cream)
Sunblock (IDS Clinic sunscreen)

Cleanse (Shu Uemura A/O Cleansing Oil)
Tone (same as morning)
Serum (Estee Lauder advanced night repair)
Moisturizer (same as morning)

It's that simple!! โœจ

@lovelinda: "Thermage results/effects?"

Apparently thermage can take up to 6 months to see results so I actually havent properly compared! I do feel that my skin is more taut and firm, but I don't have very saggy skin to begin with so I need to go look at my before and after photos heh. Will post up comparison photos next time!

@cherylwyr: "Run/walk on treadmill?"

I start w the first Km of brisk walking then jog at a relaxed pace for another 4km or so and cover about 5km! ๐Ÿƒ

@pohmichelle: "How do I earn from blogging?"

Mostly through advertorials and postings and engagements! Some earnings from banner ads but a very small percentage.

@olliechinny: "My best personality trait?"

Hmm I think it's probably that I'm generally quite easy-going and happy-go-lucky! ๐Ÿ˜ So I'm usually very positive and I don't worry much.

@laimun @superdamnfickle: "How do I style my hair?"

I use a round brush to curl in the hair ends and I blow-dry them bit by bit! It sounds easy enough but requires some practice to get it nicely styled. Next time I do a quick video ok?

@joceyow: "Best concealer?"

I love trying different concealers! Current favourite is Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able cos of the super emollient texture, it's so easy to apply. If you need high coverage, use Amazing Concealer! Both available at Sephora ๐Ÿ‘

@babydoll88: "How to stay grounded and ignore blogging politics/haters?"

Hmm.. Thank you for admiring my guts but I don't think I'm that gutsy! What I am is that I'm perfectly comfortable being who I am and although I have my bouts of insecurities, I know that at the end of the day, it's quite impossible to compare yourself with others esp when in this industry. I'm not the prettiest, not the skinniest nor am I very popular or very funny.

But what followers and readers can sense is how real you are, and I think everyone has an intuitive sixth sense and when you see someone trying to be someone they're not, you can sense it and it makes it that much harder to relate to this person or treat him/her as a friend.

So I believe in being yourself and being sincere and genuine!

As for having other bloggers or haters bring me down, I don't get that affected cos I know that the real friends around me are the ones who love me for who I am and who truly care for me, and these people are the ones that matter to me โ˜บ๏ธ

Quote: "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!"

@adelinenileda: "Being in a relationship for 7 years, and resolving wedding planning conflicts?"

I think 7 years is a really long time so we did have our ups and downs as well, but I think wanting to keep the spark in a relationship requires a lot of effort so don't ever take each other for granted! Show your appreciation for even the little things, and use words of endearment and affirmation frequently.

We definitely had wedding planning conflicts, esp cos YZ is quite ganchiong and doesn't take stress well.

My advice is, don't let your partner have any direct conflicts between him/her and your parents, and vice versa! And the couple should try their best to keep parents happy (easier said than done) cos this means a lot more to them than you'd think. It'll all be worth it when the wedding is over and everyone is happy so try to keep that ending in mind.

@duchesshunches: "Advice for a 23 year old?"

Dear 23 year old,
You are in the prime of your life!!! Please enjoy it to the fullest and remember that ้’ๆ˜ฅๅฐฑๆ˜ฏๆœฌ้’ฑ. (Youth is wealth.) Family and friends are treasures as well and this is one of the best ages to enjoy and experience life so don't hold back from living!

@lynette: "How to get sponsored?"

I can't teach you how to get sponsored, but IMO, being a good social media influencer/blogger does not start from wanting sponsorships, but from having a genuine heart to share your experiences and thoughts to readers/followers. I find it very disturbing how some bloggers start blogging for the sole purpose of wanting free things or wanting to be sponsored, because it just feels very wrong to me.

If you want to be sponsored one day, remember that you have to be someone that your followers and readers will respect, admire and love. And that'll be why readers and followers will trust and believe your recommendations, and why brands will wanna sponsor you, at which point of time you will need to be discerning about which endorsements and sponsorships you decide to take up.

Does that make any sense to you?

@roasteyes: "Where those amazing shoes from TVD photoshoots are from"

I really get them from all over! But here are a few brands to check out for seriously awesome shoes:
PVS, esp Jeffrey Campbell and Miista
Miss Selfridge, they have crazy nice shoes on sale sometimes!
ZARA, super trendy shoes too!
GoJane.com: they have tons of designs, some are inspired but made affordable ๐Ÿ‘

@kelly_loh: "How do I pimp my pics on Instagram?"

Ok I'm abit confused! Pimp as in.. Make them all pretty and stuff? If that's correct, I use Snapseed and VSCOcam mostly! ๐Ÿ˜

My fingers are numb from all the non-stop tapping guys! So many questions but I've answered them all as of now and I hope my answers were helpful to some people ๐Ÿ™†โค๏ธ

If there are any more questions, just comment below and I'll answer 'em in the next entry! Twas fun to see what kind of questions everyone had for me hehe!

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