Dear Dayre,

Quick recap of my CNY cos I've been missing in action for some time.. 👉👈 Did anyone miss me? 😃😃😃 Ok maybe not hahaha.

This is my first year as 白太太 and so no more CNY with my own family which made me a little sad. Cos yz's family and extended family take a short holiday to Kukup during CNY every year and so I was away in Kukup from 初一 to 初三 and missed all the festivities at my own home which I feel abit low-spirited cos I missed my family! 😭

I did go back to my home for reunion dinner on 除夕 but it's not the same cos all my relatives come over on 初一 and it's really 热闹 with lion dance and dragon dance and all that.

Not that YZ's family isn't awesome lah! Just that in Kukup don't have the same feeling you know? Don't get to dress up with my sisters and take lots of photos with my family 😔

See?! My own family doing this kind of high-level family portrait wts.

My ideal scenario would be to spend 初一 with my own family and then go Kukup from 初二 to 初三. Then can celebrate with my own family AND also YZ's family. Alas.. It is not to be. 😔

Well, on the brighter side, it was a very relaxed trip to Kukup and we all did nothing but to eat sleep KTV gamble and eat some more!

This is where I was during CNY!

At a sort of sea-side resort at Kukup, it's somewhat like an extra nice chalet with KTV room and a kitchen that cooks five meals a day for you so you literally just do nothing but eat and relax for the whole of two days!

It's literally a fishing village by the sea.

Here's the view from the second story of our resort house! It's quite 落魄 actually. But still you get a view of the sea and it is beautiful during the sunset.

The moment night time falls, the air will be full of fireworks and "孔明灯" set by the other holiday goers and residents. You can choose to purchase the fireworks to set off but they are illegal btw!

We just watched them cos there were so many being set off it was like a non-stop national day fireworks display.

Very very noisy too and the setting off of fireworks lasted well past midnight and sounded like we were in a battlefield.

Ktv room means you can do non-stop KTV but the sound system wasn't that excellent lah. Still quite shiok though! I didn't KTV much but our other relatives had a lot of fun belting their lungs out.

There's a few beds inside the Ktv room too so I actually spent more time napping while listening to other people sing 🙊

With YZ's cousins!

The best (and worst) part of Kukup was the FOOD. We were fed constantly.. Five meals a day wtf. I was constantly fully but couldn't stop myself from eating cos there was soooooo much food!

The day starts with breakfast, and we had beehoon and fish porridge served.

Porridge was soooo good!

Almost eveything is "free-flow" btw so it's like having a buffet five times a day. 😳😳😳

This is what lunch looks like. You can refill the soup and all that too! Just not the fish/prawns.

We had special requests every meal. For eggs!!!

I swear they do the best friggin sunny side ups EVERRRR.

We ordered 15-20 eggs every meal. Super duper 夸张 IKR. But their eggs are 😍😍😍

The lady boss of the resort is extremely nice and always accedes to our special order for eggs! We've had them done omelette style, sunny side up style, half boiled style and even straight into our steamboat dinner, 👍✨

A few hours after lunch, the staff start frying snacks for tea time and no matter how full you are you'll probably end up eating again cos those "hei bia" are SO good!

Disclaimer: I don't even like hei bia normally but I can eat 3-4 of these no problem! Especially fresh out of the fryer 😱 IT'S SO FRAGRANT SO CRISPY SO YUMMY!

I ate until I was so full I started feeling queasy but they are really addictive especially with this homemade chilli sauce the kitchen provides.

Then you think you're full and can't eat any more and boom three hours later it's time for dinner!

Crazy amount of 料 for steamboat that the kitchen prepared for us, plus another extra 15 eggs upon special request. Mad or what?

Three hours after dinner they prepare porridge, Teochew style, with salted egg, ikan bilis, kiam chye and all for supper.


In between meals, we napped, KTV-ed, mahjonged and played cards.

By the end of two days (we arrived in time for lunch on 初一 and left after lunch on 初三), this is what I looked and felt like.

Lovely sunset on 初二! Wonder if you guys saw the same sunset in Singapore too.

YZ's cheeky nephew and niece!

Their genes run super strong in the family and all of them look very alike.

I wonder if my kids will look exactly the same too?! Well, a question for another time (not for a year at least)

His little niece Zylia is very cute and she loves me. "I love 婶婶 because 婶婶 is pretty!"


And then she carried on and said "I don't love 叔叔,叔叔 not pretty! 婶婶 I love you!"

Kids are so damn 现实 sometimes.

YZ still loves them to pieces and spoils them like the indulgent uncle he is.

The only photo the two of us took during the short stay at Kukup!

For @ferreroroche, it costs about $200++ per pax for two nights stay inclusive of food and transport!

The coach sent us straight home to our doorstep which was nice.

I was quite glad to get back to Singapore to dress up and go 拜年. Guess it's true, you never miss what you have until you lose it!

I don't usually love 拜年-ing that much but I actually looked forward to it on 初四! 🍊🍊

At my aunt's!

YZ with Veralyn, my sweetheart niece (cousin's daughter)!

She's super cute! When you ask her to kiss you, she brings her whole face to you and just puts her lips right on yours and stays there for five seconds hahaha 😘😘😘

My luck has been quite good this year hahaha most of the time I've been winning save for one time I banker-ed at my aunt's place and I lost at least $200 cos my cards were so lousy I lost every single round 😭😭😭

Apart from that tho I won on quite a few occasions 🙊 Can tiap back some of the AB money.. All I received this year was like three ABs, one from daddy, one from an aunt and one from my ah gong -.-

Apparently no one got the memo that newly weds first year can still receive AB!

Been catching up with friends too with more gatherings coming up! Steamboat at @shiberty's with everyone else 💕 I love steamboat and can have it for ever!

CNY lunch with Slim Couture and friends!

With @shiberty againnnn

Huat Huat Huat!

The most yummy Louhei I've had this year: from Beng Hiang restaurant at Amoy Street!

There's salmon AND abalone. Shiok or what?

But 🙅早生贵子 okay

Suckling pig.. 😍😍😍

On an unrelated note, I found some time to pop by Salon Vim today to get hair treatment done! So recently I've been having dandruff, most probably been using the wrong shampoo 😭 So my hairstylist did a scalp treatment plus my favourite Privy hair treatment today! ❤️

Nic (my backup hair stylist when Fiona is on leave) says my scalp is dry 🙁

Le cool looking scalp treatment machine. No idea how it's done but there's some chemical treatment involved plus this metal handheld piece that is supposed to help with the dandruff!

Horrible lighting but super smooth silky hair! ✨✨✨

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