Dear Dayre,

Happy Valentine's Day, 情人节快乐! 💕💕💕

Nothing special planned for today, heh. Just going out with YZ and our friends for lunch in abit.

I'm gonna finish up answering some new questions now, while waiting for YZ to pick me up!

@iling: "How many kids? Boy/girl?"

I can't see myself having an army of kids & probably capping it at 2 max! And having grown up in a family of girls.. I wanna have a girl first but I won't have my hopes too high, haha. Boy/girl, as long as healthy & happy!

@huirulau @ohmygodsun: "TVD target group/style & position?"

My envisioned target group for TVD is of course young working adults and students, probably in the range of 18-35! And branding/positioning wise, I'm very particular about quality and workmanship, so I'd like to think of TVD as an affordable but good quality alternative for consumers who want to buy quality pieces for keeps in their wardrobe.

Apart from that, fit is very important too & I pride myself in that TVD clothes don't just look good on the model, but will look just as good on girls like you and me!

Style-wise, I like to see the TVD girl as feminine but not too girly, someone who knows how to dress smart & is well put together, sharp as a tack.

I don't compare TVD to other blogshops, but I enjoy manufacturing unique pieces that are not commonly seen on other online stores, like our J'adore Mesh Maxi, Pearl of Orient dress!

@pp123: "Did we pay for our wedding?"

Most of the money came from YZ and myself, with a bit of help from his dad, but not much. To be honest, wedding costs are very daunting, but the angbaos will help with defraying some of the cost thankfully! So the total amount you'll have to fork out may not be as high as you think it'll be (Tho this also depends on venue and generosity of your guests.. Very hard to forecast one)

@estheliol: "Do I still watch anime?"

I'm a super big fan of RK and I collected all the comic books 😍 The live action films were super good too!! Now I seldom watch anime cos I get hooked onto them haha and I think my last anime was Bleach! Which I attempted re-watching again but it's toooo looooong….

@ssstir: "Do I still go to Slim Couture?"

I took a break after wedding but I'm going back again after CNY.. 😂 Still wanna reach my desired weight but now it's just too hard!

@audreyliting: "My fav base makeup?"

On regular days, it's Laneige BB cushion (the regular one) cos it's 1. Super convenient 2. Gives me a new dewy look!!

On dressed up days, it's Lancome Absolue Foundation which is a serum based foundation and looks really amazing on the skin. Like glowy and all! Plus it has better staying power and coverage! Price wise it's a bit steep ($130?) so I reserve it for special days 😁

I finish off with Guerlain Metoerites for that special luminance ✨

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