What married life looks like

Dear Dayre,

So this is what married life looks like. Which is basically… JUST NORMAL LOR.

Apart from now lounging on a nice queen sized bed in my "new" bedroom.

I'm really quite happy to have my own *sorta* crib! We actually renovated the whole room prior to the wedding, which used to look super horrible.

YZ's colleague recommended us an ID, Wee Choon (www.3Design.com.sg) who designed and redid up the room for us.

Cos our room is a corridor facing one with a window with ugly shutters overlooking the corridor, I had the brilliant idea to install full length curtains across the entire length of the wall!!! This helps to make the windows more inconspicuous and lends a more cozy feel to our room as opposed to just roller blinds over the window.

Our curtains were done up by #AltoFabric (www.altofabric.com)! Look for Damian, super nice guy! And their prices are very reasonable too πŸ‘

These speakers got delivered to me last week and I just set them up last night 😍

Samsung's Multiroom Wireless Audio system and its so cool! Works via wifi (if you have the connect hub you can play on multiple speakers throughout the house or surround in your room) or Bluetooth to allow you to play audio from your smartphone or other devices.

Set up these sleek looking speakers on both sides of our platform bed for the time-being. The sound quality is 😍😍😍 Suddenly can hear everything whoop. I feel damn chill now playing some coffeehouse music from Spotify.

Shiok man.

I love the audio quality eh, it's super good! Much bassy and very solid boomz. Hahaha.

Next I want to go research and scout about for some home decor ideas and possibly make a trip down to IKEA to buy some storage/decorative stuff for the room!

Our walls and furniture are lilac and white, so I'm googling color themes and thinking of a nice accent color of Tiffany blue to set off the lilac and white.

Nice hor? But reverse la cos our walls are lilac! So maybe Tiffany blue accents with bedspread and some small furnitures. 😍


Another possible look with darker shades of blue and a series of pastels for a more lush and inviting look. So nice!

Hope we can turn this room into a cozy love nest! πŸ™Š

… Though I have to say it is already very much improved from πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘† The before. Walao this is a room with no thought put into decor AT ALL.

θ‡³ε°‘ηŽ°εœ¨θΏ˜ζœ‰δΈ€η‚Ήεƒζ ·.

I love my platform bed and the full length curtains! So cozy that everytime I flop down on my bed I don't wanna ever get up. Now got music to enjoy surround sound somemore.

Thanks to Wee Choon and Alto Fabric! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Though I feel like I definitely need more storage capacity and options. Not enough storage for even half of my stuff seriously.

Must go figure out more storage options!

Dear @rachaelhipro and @teeir! I uploaded one song from the wedding performance here:

😁😁😁 Just for your private consumption.

In other aspects of married life… It's awesome! Meeting all my friends for post-wedding celebratory meals. FML fat until….

Just some of my crazy friends. You have no friggin idea what kind of rubbish we did at HDL. 😨 I laughed so much until I was crying tears of mirth πŸ˜‚

@shiberty @melissackoh @mariemjsoh

Love affair with HDL yummmmm the tomato base is pretty fantastic too!

The men (I mean boys) had a taohuey eating competition. Sam won at like 15 bowls 😱😱😱 SERIOUSLY

Yz's forfeit to….

Chicken walk and cluck loudly through HDL.

I know right. We are sooooo mature.

I've been spending my time at both the new residence and back at my own place so I don't miss the doggies too much. They don't seem to notice that I've been gone anyway.. QQ is still as nua as ever. Such a shaggy little thing but so adorable.

Barely two weeks of marriage and I'm feeling the 黄脸婆 syndrome descending upon me. So lazy to dress up and make up when my clothes and makeup are everywhere and also when I'm not going out for any important meetings/events.

On the rare occasion of CJM's wedding when I put on some makeup and had trouble putting on enough lol.

Been feasting a lot πŸ™Š Gonna stop after this week.. Must prepare abit before we go to Taiwan together with @evonnz and hubs to whack!


First time in Taiwan and YZ's too! #Y3E (YZ Yina YangYang & Evonne) is very excited.

Ok lah in SG already whacking liao. Eheheh but so shiok pls. Freedom!!!

Hopefully I don't gain too much weight if not very hard to lose.


Bachormee at Da Sheng BCM with the homies!!! @melissackoh @shiberty and gang!!! We finished everything up, nothing got left behind. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

ε€§θƒœ ba Chor Mee address!

Everyone agreed it was the best BCM they've had 😁

What goes behind a table shot. Yes that is famous blogger @melissackoh standing on a chair in most unabashed fashion to take a top down table shot bwahaha

After a LOOONG series of unfortunate mishaps we ended up at I Scream for desserts at Bedok. And please do NOT go there the ice cream is ultra-crappy and totally not worth the money. The only thing nice about I Scream is the decor. So so so disappointing.

Wanted to go to Milk & Honey but it was closed?! Sad much πŸ˜–

Most unglam shot of the girlfriends and I on a regular off-day sans makeup. Real friends don't care about looks… Right? 😁

Ah well. Told Ya I'm turning into a 黄脸婆!

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