Wedding Video: Jerry & Yina (SDE) by Istudio Video Production

Jerry & Yina \ SDE from Istudio Video Production on Vimeo.
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We finally got our SDE (Same Day Edit) wedding video from our wonderful videography team, Istudio Video Production, and are so psyched to share it with everyone online!

The first time I saw Istudio’s works, I was very sure that I wanted them for our wedding. Their videos somehow just captivated me instantly. I’m so glad we managed to get them, not just for our actual wedding day, but also for our pre-wedding photoshoot in Korea, which was one of the best experiences of our life :’)

What I love most about Istudio is how they managed to capture our personalities so well, as well as the emotions and events that happened in the course of the day. I don’t like the sappy and romantic slow-mo kind of videos because I just think they can be super cheesy and awkward! I was extremely fussy when we were looking around for videography services, and in my honest opinion, Istudio is the best of the lot! Although Istudio is based in Malaysia, not Singapore, I dare say that their crew and equipment is just as good or even better than our local companies. After working with them during our pre-wedding shoot, we could see how professional and dedicated Istudio was to their production work.

Istudio did an incredible job with the SDE, it’s fun, engaging, lively, and also very very emotional for YZ and I to watch. When the video was playing right before our second-march in that night, we were both breaking down and tearing uncontrollably because there was just so much heartfelt and raw emotion in this beautifully-shot-and-created video. I love just how genuine and real the video is.

Ron Lee, Eyedeas Photography
Photo credit to Ron Lee, Eyedeas Photography 

I am so thankful that we have this video to remember this day by, it is going to be so so precious for us and our loved ones. Thank you Istudio, you are truly the best! I’ve been recommending Istudio to all my friends heh. Because they are really just so good! Istudio’s amazing work speaks for itself.

Istudio Video Production Vimeo
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Again, if you have any inquiries about wedding stuff, just drop me a comment or leave me a question on my! Can’t wait to share the just-as-awesome pre-wedding video we shot in Seoul as well, which I’m still waiting for ;D Hope you’ll enjoy watching this wedding video as much as we did! :’)


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