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Dear Dayre,

Happy Monday!
Thought I would post up the two snippets of video I put on Instagram here as well…

Wedding Day Highlights Part 1: the Joy. Some of the happiest moments from #YzYinaWed ☺️ I can't stop laughing aloud to myself whenever I watch this video, especially at the gatecrash part and looking at how my dear bridesmaid @withlovetricia threw herself into dancing 小苹果 with all her heart and soul 😂 And feeling touched when my 老公 @yongzhuan proclaimed so loudly, "重点我今天很开心,可以叫你一声老婆了.. 我等七年了!终于等到了!" 💏

Wedding Day Highlights Part 2: the Tears. Some of the most emotional moments from #YzYinaWed 😭 I felt so proud walking down the aisle on the arm of the greatest man I know, and could barely hold back my tears. Seeing my parents cry was such a bittersweet feeling and made me tear too. I love you daddy and mummy, 不管我多大,一辈子都是您的孩子. 谢谢爸爸妈妈二十七年的养育之恩,我长大了,现在是时候到我建立自己的家庭了. 虽然不常说,我真的爱你们 👪❤️ iStudio made my tears flow with how the raw emotions were captured so genuinely.

Real in love with the work of iStudio and I have to highly recommend them for any BTB who's still looking for a videographer!

Here's another short snippet of our pre-wed footage, which received lots of compliments during the screening at our wedding banquet.

IStudio is just so good at capturing the most beautiful and natural moments on film!

I'm gonna upload the full videos once I get the HD versions from iStudio 😍

Anyway, was feeling abit down the day after the wedding and also the following day when I went back to my "娘家" on the customary third day of marriage.

Cos my parents especially mummy was grumbling nonstop about how everything was lousy on wedding day 😣

Mummy said my makeup and hair wasn't nice, my gowns made me look fat, my videographer and photographer wasn't good and a whole load of other negative comments 😢 听起来很sad的~

It's really hard to please parents! So for the sake of all the BTB out there like me.. I have some tips for you to take note of to ensure that you keep the parents/in-laws happy on your big day.

Of course, this could be complete unnecessary if you have super chill and new-age parents, but my parents are quite traditional and I unknowingly committed many mistakes without realizing it 😞


It's quite usual to wear your "四点金” in the morning to your new in-laws place, but afterwards, I didn't change my jewelry to the dowry ("嫁妆") that my parents got for me when I returned to their house, which I really ought to have done so.

My parents also gave us a pair of expensive watches during our tea ceremony, and because it didn't quite match my gown, I didn't wear my watch that night and my dad actually noticed and asked me about it, I think he was quite disappointed I didn't put it on 😣

I regretted not wearing it but I had left it behind at YZ's home thinking I wouldn't be wearing it cos it didn't really go with my gowns.

Lesson learnt: No matter what, put on all these jewelry/accessories bought by the parents/in-laws cos they want others to know and they want you to proudly show them off!

Make sure your videographer/photographer are capturing important moments like "敬茶" and presenting of wedding presents!

Ok, I received a fair amount of grumbling for this because my parents especially hired a Lamborgini to "开路" for the bridal convoy, but our morning highlights video showcased all of two seconds of the Lamborgini, which my parents were really looking forward to see 😢

Same for the 敬茶 bit, my tea ceremony with my parents side wasn't put into the morning highlights video and they were disappointed because they wanted to have that moment showcased in the video for friends & relatives to watch.

I guess to us, the tea ceremony isn't that important in the morning highlights video cos it's such a routine thing, but as parents, they wanted to be able to "沾一点光" especially when daddy put on our wedding gifts (the watches) for us.

So it might be a good idea to make a special request to your videographer/photographer to ensure those moments are captured and showcased in morning highlights video.

It's a very Teochew thing la.. I hope your parents/in-laws won't be like my parents.

Make a long and sincere speech to thank your parents.

This is one thing I really regret not doing for my parents 😩 Because I decided to do away with the childhood montage part, I think my parents got very little airtime as it is already and thus they (my mother in particular) were rather miffed that I didn't make a long emotional speech thanking them and basically appreciating and honoring them.

It might not seem like much to us, but this is the moment many parents are waiting for, to feel gratified and happy for having brought you up to finally be independent and to become another person's husband/wife.

The longer the speech the better. If you breakdown during your speech lagi better. Hahaha. Idea is to let your parents know how much you appreciate them!

And also having a quick childhood montage might not be such a bad idea either?

Lesson learnt: Give your parents maximum airtime.

Buy some sweet treats/cakes back for your parents when you return home

On the third day when you are supposed to "回娘家", remember to bring back 12 big oranges, as well as buy back some cakes/sweet treats/your parents favourite food back!

Pls ask hubby to call his new in-laws "DADDY MUMMY" as loud and as sweetly as possible. LOL.

We brought the family out for lunch at Daddy's fav restaurant & YZ foot the bill even tho daddy wanted to pay. Must "por" abit and make them happy. Haha.

Even tho I spent many long minutes at lunch listening to mummy grumble about wedding day 😫 Another complain mummy had was that she didn't get an "official" photo of her & daddy in their nice evening wear during the banquet.

Oh ya, we made sure to wear our new watches & talk about how much we love them. 😁

Lesson learnt: Gushing is a must.

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