The best day of my life

Dear Dayre,

I'm back with my new status as 白太太! 🎉🎉🎉👰🎩✨

It's post-wedding day 2, and I really want to recap the entire day, which would mean starting from 5am in the morning. 😱 But before I knew it, everything was over and I was driving a drunk husband back home at the end of the night.

I think I oughta wait til I have the official set of photographs from my photographer @ronineel, but let me just share some snapshots first, on dayre.

My dearest mummy doing the hair combing ritual for me at 5.45am in the morning. I woke up feeling very anxious because stupid BYZ called me at 4am wtf -.- Apparently he couldn't sleep and he was still sorting through the guest list and called me to check about some guest list related issue. My phone was on silent so I didn't pick up, but the first thing I saw when I woke was his missed call, which made me feel super gan cheong!

@mariemjsoh arrived the earliest! To help makeup for mummy and the sisters. Being awake at 5am and having so much activity going on feels really surreal.

Dollei arrived at 6am and my own makeup began while all the crew started arriving, like iStudio and @ronineel.

The bridesmaids all started arriving one by one while I finished up my makeup and finally got changed and laced up into my gown!

Photo credit: @ronineel.

Bride starting to feel more like a bride. And they laced me up real tight!

I don't know how other brides feel but I think I was quite worried about whether I would look nice in my gown. And I nearly regretted picking a mermaid cut gown cos it's like you can't hide anything not like a princess cut which is all poofy and pong. 😭

My hot jiemeis all changed into the #thevelvetdolls dresses and they are gonna kill me for posting this ugly candid shot. I love you all ❤️

And the moment when daddy and mummy had to veil me. You can see mummy looking all teary already.

Photo by @ronineel.

And.. We all ended up tearing like mad. Ian from iStudio asked us, "爸爸妈妈,你的女儿终于长大了,今天是她的大日子,你有什么话要对她说吗?"

I'm sure I wanted to say many things. I wanted to say thank you and I love you and I treasure you and I love you and I love you and I will always be your daughter no matter how old I am.

But we were all trying so hard not to cry that all of us could only stammer out a few words. It was a bittersweet feeling.

"Daddy mummy, 我会乖的啦。我长大了,不用担心我了"

My sisters who were not allowed to be present when the groom comes to take me off so they were sitting in the room with me and watching the gatecrash via FaceTime.

My dogs accompanied us too, happily sitting on my gown. Love these two furballs who are also part of my family. I will miss them too when I'm not at home anymore!

Meanwhile, gatecrash was happening downstairs and I was getting a good laugh with the dancing part. Seriously my jiemeis are too hot @withlovetricia @minpoh 小苹果FTW!!!

I have to say the sisters let them off pretty easy, but it was fun for everyone and I think all of them had a good time! The last obstacle was for YZ to say out a poem/speech in Teochew outside my door but he gave up halfway and they allowed him to speak chinese instead.

Mission accomplished, and it was time for Daddy to send me off in traditional style to the bridal car with YZ.


Tell you all a boo boo I made! Was supposed to throw out the bridal fan once the car set off to YZ's but I didn't know and I thought we were supposed to throw it out along the way! >.< In the end hor I only "threw" the fan when we got back to my home, just before I re-entered the house. 😅😅😅

YZ and I on the way to his house for me to "入白家" and go through the tea ceremony with all his family members and elders!

Photo by @ronineel.

After all the 敬茶 to my new in-laws, I changed into a shorter dress at YZ's, and then the bridesmaids and groomsmen had a quick photoshoot with us before we drove back to my house to carry on the tea ceremony on my side.

The lovely floral bouquet was just gorgeous! Done by my wedding planner #InsideTheKnot. 😍

Photo by @ronineel.

Love this shot! As you can tell from the bouquet and attire for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, our theme was a simple but sweet vintage pastel colors look. I think it worked really well! 😍 Especially in photos, it was so so pretty.

Photo by @ronineel.

My man and I… 👫

Photo by @ronineel.

SATC style shot hHaha everyone super hiao can??

My most sampat and wonderful entourage who were amazing. Thank you for making my wedding day such a memorable one! Sacrificing a public holiday to wake up so early in the morning and also all the effort into planning and execution the gatecrash! I'm very fortunate to have awesome girlfriends around me.

@reeniepoh @minpoh @evonnz @jaynetham @trishaliang @xiesimin @yingdan @withlovetricia 🙆🙆🙆

Acting one kind classy and 斯文 for Ian who wanted a different kind of shot heh. Look at everyone trying so hard to control their inner sampat. 🙊🙊🙊

What tired groom looks like hahaha. KO-ed on the way back to my house for tea ceremony!

So my dad got a Lamborgini to send off the bridal convoy and the girls were taking turns to sit in it hahaha. @withlovetricia here looking super excited to sit in the Lambo.

Selfie with my pretty pretty bouquet!

The floral arrangement on our bridal car, also done by Inside The Knot. 😍

Family portrait at my house after the tea ceremony, and then we had to return to my "new" home for a short rest before it was time to head over to our banquet venue to start preparing hair and makeup!

By this time of the day (it was about 3pm), we were feeling quite pooped already. Running around since 5am is no joke man! It really felt like a long day had already passed but we still had a long night ahead man hahaha.

We barely rested before it was time to rush off again to banquet venue for me to prep hair and makeup, in time for solemnisation at 6.30pm.


Rush rush rush and off for makeup and hair before solemnisation.

And then the most heart-dropping moment of the day occurred. I KNEW I was asking for too much to have a smooth day what with my track record. So guess what happened. We were just about to begin the solemnisation and we were getting prepared when I suddenly realised…


Emoticon 1

Emoticon 2

Emoticon 3

Emoticon 4

But on the outside I was calm and collected. And also my wedding planner stayed very calm. LOL. Inside my head I was more like "GOOD GAME YINA GOH. Shit man my parents and also YZ's parents and also YZ are so gonna KILL me if we can't get married today!!!"

Because you need your IC for identification for the JOP to marry you. 😭😭😭

Call me ti gong kia or something.

Thank my lucky stars, the very very nice JOP (Simon Tan) still agreed to marry us without my identification card, PHEWWWWWWWWW!

Also cos the JOP had already met us before and seen our identification cards previously so he made an exception for us 😪😅

HENG AH!!! If not I dunno which hole to hide my head in liao. 辜负我十八代祖先. Sibei 丢脸.

Crisis managed. Keep calm and carry on.

Photo by @ronineel.

Marching in on the arm of Papa Goh made me feel very emotional and I was trying to hold back my tears. Also cos the march-in song we chose was so touching I really felt like crying!


Grabbed this grainy photo off Facebook. I'll definitely put up all the official photos on my blog once I get them. Can't see the beautiful set up that @merryloveweddings did for our solemnisation in this bad shot!

We made our vows, exchanged our rings and signed the papers! That's it liao, married for life 😳

Back to hair and makeup for yet another look!

What I really like about Dollei is how unconventional she is with her makeup and hair. Where got bride have such a relaxed hairdo for first march-in one? And according to Dollei, she always does a different look for each and every bride because she believes that every bride is unique in their own way. Dollei really did a meticulous job on giving my skin that radiant glow!

Photo by Nic, #tftstudio.

And the real party began!
I swear, this was the BEST march-in cos all the guests (I guess mostly my crazy friends) were so super enthusiastic and cheering like mad! I didn't feel nervous at all and in fact found it super duper fun because I could see all my friends at the side of the aisle clapping and being so happy ☺️☺️☺️

Hahahaha! Sorry super bad quality video that @shiberty took!! But I think you can see just how happy we were ☺️☺️☺️ Feeling so so so blessed and loved, having all the wonderful people celebrating our joy with us.

And then I got my first good look at the gorgeous wedding cake @shiberty created just for the occasion! I asked for a three tired cake, but Jess took it upon herself to make a HUGE four tier cake that was so high we had problems cutting it 😳😳😳 It was a magnificent creation!!! Thank you Jess 😘😘😘 and Sam too!

It looks so super pretty set in front of the glitzy pastel and silver backdrop styled by @merryloveweddings!

Took many random photos with all my friends amidst the usual table shots. Too many too many people present (52 tables) so it was really non-stop action.. Didn't have time to really chat!

@wendyx @sayhitohj @ceejayam @jazreeltan ❤️

My loves 😘 My first march-in was sang by the SYC Ensemble Singers ❤️🙆

The whimsical and lovely centrepieces for our VIP tables styled once again by @merryloveweddings were sooo pretty!!!

Anyway hor, people always tell me bride and groom no time to eat the dinner one I didn't believe them I was like thinking AIYA maybe table to table shot my friends can feed me some food HAHA. But for real, the only thing I ate was the first course, which was bird's nest. Didn't even get to eat the sharkfin!!! Sad 😞

A photo with the super nice Roy from InstaPrintSG! They had their staff working OT during our wedding banquet just so that more guests could have their photos printed out. Thank you so much Roy! And congratulations too on the recent engagement with @urbandollsg!!

Photo by @ronineel.

Second march-in time! Yet another hair and makeup change by Dollei, and now you finally get to see the front of my evening gown MTM by Tilly at Blessed Brides!

So I spent most of the second march-in with ridiculous flower petals on my head hahahaha

We look so happy in this shot, but two of us teared like crazy just before march-in watching the video highlights of the day! IStudio did an incredible job and many guests told me they all teared when they watched.

Photo by Nic, #tftstudio.

Those embellished details!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Photo by @ronineel.

YZ and his champagne popping moment hehehe look at that cork go 🙊


As you can tell, I'm using photos from all over since I don't have the official meimei photos yet 😆

Photo by Nic, #tftstudio.

Here is YZ tearing up during his speech and me laughing like the bad wife I am 🙊

Actually.. I made a very short speech and now I feel sorry for it 😞 Because this was the moment I should have spent some time appreciating my parents and showing them my gratitude, but I didn't know how to do it better.

So to all the BTB, do think twice about the thank you speech and remember to honour your parents well! Don't regret it like I am regretting now.

Photo by @ronineel.

A photo that shows off the beautiful but super high satin emerald pumps I wore from The Shoemaker's Elf, as well as the sexy slit in my MTM dress from Blessed Brides hehehehe.

With my mama and sisters all dolled up by @mariemjsoh!

I changed outfit once and so did Mama Goh. She wore a silvery maxi dress for the cocktail reception before changing into a floral number for dinner.. Hiao mummy is hiao. Hahaha.

And with the two sissies alone 🙆🙆🙆

With my precious Papa Goh ❤️

Polaroid with some of my favourite ladies including @shiberty and @melissackoh 😘

Despite how tired I was, I was on a super euphoric high and just running on adrenaline hahaha. Entertained so many photo requests until no one was there to "送客" and see the guests off… Paiseh!!

500 over guests was just insane la. I felt like everyone wanted a piece of YZ and I, didn't even have time to sit down at all the whole dinner!

And at the end of the night… This is what happened. LOL.

I drove a drunk husband home hahaha! And I was still wearing my evening gown! TSK.

And then like this. Dead to the world liao this husband.

Couldn't bear to wash off my makeup straight away so I took some selfies first haha. And then spent almost two hours chatting with all the jiemeis who were all as high as I was 🙊

Still can't forget Tricia's epic war cry during yamseng. This tiny chilli padi was going YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAMMMM at the top of her freaking voice, right into my ear 😂 I nearly died from laughing and laughed so hard til I cried.

Best yamseng I've ever had!

I am not being biased just because it was my wedding, but can I say that this is THE BEST wedding that I have ever attended?? And it is all thanks to every single one of you present last night. Your excitement, your energy, the whole atmosphere was just brimming with so much fun & gaiety that it was like a huge huge party ☺️☺️☺️ honestly wasn't expecting to have such a good time but it was really really a fantastic wedding day! So so blessed and grateful.

Photo by Derrick Ong, Wedding Photographers Network.


I can't wait for the official photos and videos to come to me and I promise to share them on the blog once I get my hands on them! I'll also listing down all the different vendors that I worked with who made the wedding day such a huge success.

And last but not least, I can't wait to step into married life together with my man, and live love and laugh as husband and wife.


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