Mid-Week Perk-Me-Ups

Dear Dayre,

Look, food!

I can't explain my love for food. Maybe I'm just super greedy or something but.. I can never stop eating if there's food in front of me. Like its so hard! Even when I'm stuffed. Hahaha. And I LOVE carbs y'know?

After wedding is like "Aiya f*** just whack first then go back and diet when I'm done."

But there's been SOOO many opportunities to eat good food everyday that it has just been mmmm.. nonstop. YUMMM!

Not complaining until I step on that weighing scale 🙊

So what's better than good food?

ALOT OF GOOD FOOD. And also awesome company. Is zee best! And girly catch ups and girl talk. I'm really quite the social creature and sometimes I think I'm very blessed to have many wonderful friends that I love spending time with. Especially over food!

When YZ and I first got together, we were rather sticky I think, and I also didn't have so many friends at that point of time. Glad that we are both at a healthier/more comfortable point of our relationship.

So I can actually spend time with my friends without him feeling left-out. Also, many of my friends are now his friends too and he gets along just fine with everyone!

Love it when the man feels included in all my friendships also leh. It makes our relationship more secure also cos he knows exactly who I'm spending time with and he's cool with it. I don't know how to describe that kind of "满足感" and understanding but I shan't take it for granted! ☺️ Thanks bb!

You know what's really embarrassing? Going all out to take a nice table shot shamelessly (making a lot of noise in the process and stealing cactus from another table and spending like a good ten minutes snapping away) and then getting spotted by some random person who recognizes you.

And this happens waaayyyy more often than you think 😓 Fortunately we are all so used to this that we can do this without batting a single eyelid.

Come on, instagram need to feed one yknow?

Until this happens and we're all like OMGGGGGG paiseh.

But still, yes we would still steal that cactus any day.. In a heartbeat. Hahahahahha.

These girls instill the worst narcissism in me I swear! But well it's all good. @melissackoh @shiberty @mariemjsoh 👭👭

And as usual we over-ordered like crazy but still managed to finish all the food?! It's horrible guys. I don't know how we can eat so much/I've been eating so much.

We had a good girl talk over all that food! Been catching up a lot with this bunch lately after weeks of non-action. And suddenly like 4 times in one week??

1. HDL on Sat
2. Zichar on Sun
3. BCM on Mon
4. Brunch

Mac and cheese was yummy but got kinda gelat after a few bites. (Not salty enough for me maybe)

I really enjoyed the eggs royale!

The toast is the crispy but still fluffy kind. Sooo addictive. Not the hard or overly chewy sort of toast but just light and delicious.

Didn't take a shot of the caramel toast on its on but it was da bombdiggity!! Tho really sweet but shared amongst four was perfect.

Gotta say that eating out is super expensive. I spent like $20 cabbing today & at least $50 on food 😱 Lunch & dinner each cost me abt $25!

Imagine eating like this everyday. That's $1.5k/mth 😭

Let's justify that by telling myself that hey, I don't do this everyday! 😁😁😁

Girlfriends are priceless! 👯👯✨

But maybe I should start jotting my expenses down. *Meh*

That being said, dinner was REALLY GOOD.

Western for brunch, chinese for dinner. Ahh, I love Singapore ❤️❤️❤️ Had 鱼头炉 with my GetKlarity colleagues after an afternoon of hard work and it was the most shiok-tisfying dinner, evarrrr.

*sigh of contentment*

Life is good hehehe.

Much excited for next #thevelvetdolls launch! Gonna start the ball rolling for CNY with really pretty manufactured apparel like this luxe floral romper ❤️

Soft spot for floral and romper anything as always.

Fatty doesn't look very pleased to take a photo with me 😐

Haaalpppp meeeee she's saying


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