Dear Dayre,

Second day of taiwan was Photoshoot day! Actually I was a bit sian cos photoshoots are really quite tiring! Our reporting time was 7.30am and that means waking up at 6 ish and making our way down to the studio by 7am.

I didn't really take much photos because it wasn't very convenient but here's a few of my snapshots!

YZ bought this muffin from 7-11 for breakfast and it was all hot and warm! Tasted as good or better than McMuffin 😱😱😱

Morning face so chubs mehhhh. Hope the photos turned out ok tho. We started shooting along the streets at 忠孝东路 (走九遍~~~🎶 Don't tell me you don't think of this song when you hear this road name) before driving up to 阳明山 for some pretty mountain scenery!!


Cherry blossom season is next month, but it's colder on the mountains and we managed to glimpse some *almost* open flowers on the cherry blossom trees. So lovely!

"狼草" or what we just call langlang! 🌾🌾🌾 Except these were giant and taller than me.

我的帅哥 🙊🙊🙊

A rather famous "S" bend on 阳明山. It's so very picturesque!

It was totally FREEZING on the mountains which is no joke at all when you're only wearing a gown. At least the men have two layers on!

Hot springs in the mountains! 可以泡温泉的!

Side note: Looking at shoot photos now!!! Wah time to choose them photos!

Eh one photo 45SGD extra WUTTTT

Never mind, trying to choose photos now.

We have narrowed our choices to 126 photos FML. Extra 90 photos 😱😱😱😱😱

现在心很疼因为得付多余的$XXXX just for the soft copies of the photos we picked. 36 (original package) for the album and then another 90 soft copy.

This also means the total amount we paid for Taiwan shoot is
$3000 (roughly original package price)
$560 for transport and makeup that was not included in the original package price
And $XXXX or 30SGD each for soft copy only for all additional photos chosen.
PS. Additional cost for shipping album back to SG (est. $200)

That's a lot of money!!!

Okay nvm.

Photos nice then keep. Once in a lifetime right?

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