Dear Dayre,

Woah put on some makeup today and I suddenly feel human again! 黄脸婆 no more 🙊 Can't do without abit of makeup really, al natural doesn't work lah.

It's been really tough to drag myself to work after the wedding, firstly cos I've been shuttling back and forth homes, haven't really settled down properly yet. Also, been spending a lot time w YZ which makes us both feel very nua.

Nua or not, still need to work lah. So yes back to work and all that. But so so so lazy to dress up.

Sometimes I really find that dressing up (to take pretty OOTDs and photos) is really a chore man. I wish it were super effortless but it's not. But it's not like I can just lupsup lupsup go out everyday either.

So today look presentable abit cos going out for a meeting with GetKlarity! Been working w GK for the past few months and it's actually quite interesting for me. Plus it's beauty-and-wellness-related so I actually feel like I'm in my element (sort of).

Today's #getklarity kopi session over a fantastic red velvet cake (I love the coconut shavings) and great coffee. 👌

Getting really fond of Artistry with its easy unpretentious vibes and really scrumptious coffee and cakes. Very affordable too and doesn't hurt that it's just a short walk away from the office! This neighborhood is awesome.

Piano is one of my favourite instruments & I wish I had more aptitude in it! Final Fantasy X's To Zanarkand, I taught myself painstakingly how to play it 😭

When I was in secondary school, I used to hang out a lot in this musty stairwell located in a corner of the school.

There was an old rickety piano there with broken keys and some superbly out-of-tune strings, but this dilapidated piano fascinated me so much!

I had a senior who could play BEAUTIFULLY on the piano (I still remember his name, he was called Seng Kiat), and every morning before assembly, during recess time & after school, I'd head straight to the stairwell just to touch those keys.

When Sengkiat was there, I'd beg him to play my favourite pieces non-stop, & then make him teach me how to play it. LOL. Annoying junior that I was!

The horrible part is that I can't read sheet music for nuts because I take piano lessons as a child.

So I would make SK play the piece for me, bit by bit, hand by hand, chord by chord. I don't know how he had so much patience with me man. But I was truly dedicated (did not spend much time studying in sec sch) & I spent hours plonking those keys.

SK taught me songs like Richard Clayderman (super popz!) and then I also picked up other songs like Fur Elise and Turkish March (but hor never completed most pieces)

I'd use the scores to play finger by finger and then memorize it and practise til I could play smoothly. But after sec sch I never had much chances to play the piano anymore. Bought my own keyboard as an adult and I tinker on it every now and then just cos it makes me happy! ❤️

Can't live without some form of music in my life.

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