Wedding Talk: 3 more weeks to the big day!

HIIII! *waves* Posting my ootd from Monday (the peplum shirt in previous entry!) I really think I look super OL, haha. Maybe I can consider a corporate career. Banker perhaps?

Anyways, just went for my Slim Couture session today and I’m so happy to report that I’ve lost 2kg currently 2.5kg since coming back from Spain! Which was in mid-November, just less than a few weeks ago.

My app tells me it’s another 28 days or exactly four weeks away from wedding day! (As of today, it is 22 days!)

Damn, I can’t believe how fast time is passing. The last time I looked at the calendar my wedding was like one year away and I was telling myself I have lots of time to lose weight. Lol! But now there’s only four weeks or just slightly less than a month left!!

To be honest, when I came back from Spain, I was feeling quite panicky cos I ate and ate and ate SOOOOO much in Spain But it’s near impossible to diet when on holiday, everyone knows that!

Thank god I only put on like 1kg when I was in Spain. Can you believe it haha almost 3 weeks of over-eating (bread and carbs every meal and late dinners at 11pm on many occasions before going straight to bed and waking up early for breakfast again).

I was quite surprised that I only put on 1kg!

But after almost three weeks back in SG and back on Slim Couture treatments, I managed to successfully drop 2.5kg already! Ideally, I want to lose at least 5kg in total so that’s another 3kg to go in four weeks. My measurements have also been going down consistently and I’m crossing my fingers that on 1st Jan I will be a skinny bitch haha!

But I’m quite happy cos quite a few people have commented that I’ve lost a bit of weight the past few days!!

My voice teacher who hasn’t seen me since I left for Spain, one of the Slim Couture staff who also hasn’t seen me since then, and also some friends told me that I look slimmer! Even my model Chanel said during last photoshoot (after not seeing me for more than a month) that I lost weight ehehe.

Secretly hoping that next three weeks I can carry on working hard and drop a few more kg please!

My pair of denim shorts which has been feeling uncomfortable tight for many months feel slightly loose now heh and I think my thighs are definitely smaller! Today the boss of the chicken place I’ve been going for healthy lunch recently also said my legs thinner leh haha I super cheap thrill!

So the best part of all is that I definitely haven’t been starving myself to lose weight… Can you believe I eat half a chicken myself for lunch everyday??! It’s super filling and satisfying! But cos it’s Slim Couture diet-approved, no problem.

And I’m so addicted to Caveman Food at Novena Square 2 (where I’ve been having lunch w YZ almost daily) cos their chicken is super tasty and healthy!

Ok, not the best picture but this will do.

One half chicken (which is freaking a lot) and steamed broccoli and carrots!
It’s damn shiok and keeps me satisfied. I tried to eat fish soup yesterday but FAIL. Eat already not full at all and I ended up wanting to snack. Confirm cannot lose weight like that so I give up. I rather eat my satisfying chicken and veggies meal!!

Oh ya, have to remove the skin cos Slim Couture diet does not approve fatty chicken skin. But lucky this chicken is so tasty!

Then if I’m feeling peckish in the late afternoon, I can snack on cherry tomatoes and blueberries!

My favourite brand of cherry tomatoes is Genting Lane (you can find it in Cold Storage or Jason’s Marketplace), the round cherry tomatoes. Trust me I’ve tried many brands and this one is the tastiest! Juicy and sweet! They taste really good with blueberries!!

Healthy healthy. And then for dinner, I stick to fruits OR veggies, but usually fruits cos I feel that the fruits help me to s**t better. I love dragonfruit (the red flesh version is preferable! Super effective for bowel movements) and kiwi for dinner!

So with this healthy but satisfying diet and my regular Slim Couture sessions, I lost almost 2kg 2.5kg already in just a few weeks. Three more weeks to go, cross my fingers best is one week one kilo lah! Not greedy right? Anyway, let me emphasize again it’s not any special magic or that I have super good metabolism! In fact, my weight loss is super duper slow probably cos I lost about 10kg 7 years ago and since then I feel that it’s very hard for me to lose beyond a certain weight. Especially now that I’m getting older and older and my body is slowing down and really feeling the effects of aging.

It’s all about keeping to a healthy, clean diet (no carbs) and most importantly, Slim Couture’s TCM treatment!

The 刮痧 (gua sha/scraping) helps to reduce cellulite and also improved my silhouette especially in the stubborn fatty areas like my hips and thighs!

And then the 拔罐 (ba guan/cupping) helps to improve metabolism and detoxify so that your internal body functions work better and improves your overall health and digestive system. The ba guan also stimulates fat loss on stubborn areas!

I’m so happy I don’t have to starve myself and can even feast on chicken everyday (Fish is recommended too but 我吃不饱..)

Half a chicken sounds like a lot but don’t forget I’m totally cutting out carbs! No rice no bread no noodles. It’s quite a torture at first but now I’m used to it. Though I keep craving for junk food and other sinful things la but I’m telling myself to hold it for another 28 days then I can go kee siao and eat whatever I want.

I’m excited cos I want to do justice to my beautiful gowns!! This is a sneak peek of my evening gown (back view) made-to-measure by the awesome Tilly at Blessed Brides! Haven’t gone for my final fitting yet and I cannot wait to see the completed piece!!

I know some people think purple is a very old-fashioned color but I super love purple! Now thinking what color shoes to go along with this gown.

On a side-tangent, wanted to let you all know that the new arrivals are up on TheVelvetDolls website for the week! Including this top, the pretty mesh skirt and the peplum cocktail dress!

Go shop on!

This photo was taken in June or July I think! My face and arms look quite bloated somehow. I think now abit thinner than this le haha.


I’m super thankful for Slim Couture! I don’t know how I can look good in time for my big day without them! Even a friend of YZ and ours (Kitty, who’s gonna be one of our wedding emcees) freaking lost 12kg because of Slim Couture. I need to have that kind of determination also! I just want to lose erm.. Minimum another 3kg, maximum (and ideally) 5kg! Then perfect liao. 我不贪心.

So my target weight is 50kg.

Can you believe that I’ve never weighed less than 50 plus kg ever since I was in.. Sec 1??

Me in secondary four with one of my best friends, Tams, insatiablemunchies lol! Don’t kill me!

I managed to dig out my weight records from my old record book.

Sec 1: 50kg 158cm

Sec 2: 56kg 160cm

Sec 3: 60kg 161cm

Sec 4: 62kg 161cm

WTFFFFFF I put on 12 kg in puberty over four years!!! That is insane. And also super fat omg. And then I put on even more weight in my poly years! 🙁

003, which is 11 years ago. I was 17 years old and fat as a pink beached whale.

So chio I cannot even.

I remember going for clothes shopping for CNY. And I was SO BLOODY HAPPY when I could fit into a pair of size 30 jeans even though it was super muffin top and tight. And the sizing probably ran big. Straight away buy just because I can fit in it.

There was once I walked into Levi’s cos last time Levi’s damn hip and everyone wanted Levi’s jeans? Tried on a few pairs of jeans but realised I couldn’t even squeeze into the largest size That feeling…

On a plus side I had really big boobies. Like I was wearing 38C during the fattest period of my life.

And now my goal is go back to my pre-puberty weight. Before I became an overweight hippo and was fat for the best parts of my life. The last time I saw this number on the weighing scale was a whole 14 years ago!

…… My head is already so small when my body is so big I really look……….. 

Ok last one just for laughs. Taken when I was… 19 I think?

I dunno if you realise but a lot of bigger-sized ladies prefer to keep their hair long. Why? Cos of insecurities about our size and we feel that longer hair somehow hides our face and body a little bit to make us look less big-sized.

But in hindsight, that hair is really 真的很恶心我不懂要怎么形容才好.
Oh ya, we also like to wear black cos slimming effect. Hahaha.

Well apart from the losing weight stuff, I’ve been meeting up with my wedding planner Rubina from Inside The Knot so often the past two weeks she’s like my new best friend. Rubina has been coordinating all the troublesome stuff and planning for the big day which is a huge load off my shoulders! All I can say is that wedding planning is really a huge chore and I am glad I don’t have to do most of it.

好!!! I will keep y’all updated on my weekly progress okay! Wish me all the best!


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