It’s the final count down

Dear Dayre,

Hey guyssssssss!!!! How's everyone doing! It's a super rainy Friday and I know everyone's feeling nua cos I am too. Christmas is just next week and right after it is New Year aka wedding day!

Today I popped by Blessed Brides again for another fitting and MY GOWN IS SOOOOOO PRETTY 😍😍😍

Give you all sneak preview lah cos I already posted some back details previously 🙊


Tomorrow night is my hens night!!!
I dunno what my girlfriends are gonna do to me.

Gais go easy on me okay?

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I told them I want to go have steamboat at HDL for hens night and they went like 😒😒😒 NO

So people always say like brides are glowing and all that and I'm not sure I agree with that cos wedding prep is such a stressy period, but I've been pampered with facials from Erabelle and IDS Clinic recently and thanks to the facials I think my skin is really glowy and nice!!!

Erabelle's Sake Facial gave my skin a plump radiant glow and IDS Hydra facial made my skin feel super smooth and clean and hydrated!

Do you also notice that I have an abysmal amount of moles on my face 😩

Moles aside.. It should be bed time but I'm not very sleepy yet and I'm reading 1Q84 by Murakami on my iPad for the second time in order to understand it better. Though I have to say the book ends on a rather unsatisfactory note.

Feeling super peckish but I shouldn't be eating esp cos I have a Slim Couture session tmr at 9.30am. So I shall try to distract myself by reading!

Thinking about how it's only about ten days away to wedding day is quite worrisome too. I haven't found my MUA nor have I finalized my guest list!

This Sunday is my 过大礼 and also sissy is returning home from Melb tomorrow night. Looks like it's gonna be an eventful weekend!

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