I’m ready for tomorrow!

Dear Dayre,

It's been a SUPER busy week!!! All the last min prep for tomorrow gosh, it's literally less than a day away!

The very last day of 2014, can't believe how quickly time has flown by this year.

Everything is falling into place for tomorrow and I think I'm almost all done!

Collected our certificate at Registry of Marriage!

Us yesterday while waiting for our queue number to collect the most important document of the day. No marriage cert don't need to get married liao!

We nearly missed our appt because YZ thought that collection was on the 31st instead of 30th.. But I knew I vaguely remembered the collection date as 2 days before the wedding! Good thing we double-checked yesterday morning after I asked YZ about it, only to realise that our appt was in 45 minutes time 😰

Chiong-ed down just in time!!

Ootd outside ROM hahahaha #thevelvetdolls upcoming culottes jumpsuit! 😍

Got our wedding bands! ✨

I'm super in love with our rose gold wedding bands from #MichaelTrio! We went down to collect them too a few days ago and I have to say that Michael Trio has got impeccable service.

Aren't the rings beautiful? I love the matte textures and rose gold rims! Our names are engraved on the insides too ☺️ Can't wait to put these rings on tomorrow!

Collected my gowns..

My white gown and evening gown from Blessed Brides, and I can't believe I managed to pull off a last minute online purchase for a tea ceremony dress πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š Which was slated to arrive by today (express shipping) but it actually reached me with a few days to spare even!

Yup that's me the last-minute super chill bride πŸ˜‚

Got my TVD bridesmaids dresses airfreighted just in time too!

No photos of the bridesmaids dresses until tomorrow but they are gorgeous!!! Thank you to my awesome suppliers for rushing them out in time!!! β€οΈπŸ™†

The dresses almost didn't make it in time but we requested for a special order and airfreighted them.. Had a scare when there was a delay at the HK side but phew, I was keeping my fingers crossed and they really made it just in time!

Also got my nails blinged up and hair color refreshed! πŸ’…πŸ’‡

Pretty lace details drawn on a nude pink base and some awesome bling!!! ❀️

Thank you @jenrine!!! #TheNailArtlier is zee best!

I popped by #SalonVim with YZ too and he got his hair cut all neat and nice while I colored my hair a shade darker and finally got rid of the bleached ends!

Really love the current shade cos my hair looks all healthy and nice! Of course I also did my favourite Keratase hair treatment while I was at it πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you, Salon Vim!!

The bridesmaids are busy preparing for gatecrash and it's hilarious!

Guess what these are gonna be used for LOLLLL. I don't think u can guess but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be super funny and my 倧倴照 is gonna get disfigured 😭

My wedding album and frame from K-Wedding arrived just in time too!

Haha seems like everything is cutting it a little too close but well, our photo album and photo frame has reached Singapore from Korea and K-Wedding is delivering them to us today!!!! πŸ™Š Ahhhhhh love the framed photo so nice!!

But I believe in the law of attraction. Just stay positive and think positive and don't worry, cos everything will turn out well!!

I can't wait to see the album IRL cos seriously our Kwedding photoshoot was the best decision we made for the wedding! Precious images for us to cherish for a life time!

Room renovation all done!!

Not the best photo but yes yz's room has been completed refurbished for the two of us ☺️ Cos I'll be moving into his home first until we find a suitable housing. And the last of the reno work which is the curtain installation, was done yesterday.

Thanks to our ID Wee Choon and curtain company Alto Fabrics for being so easy to work with! All done up in time too for 1/1!

My pre-wedding video is all done too! 😍

Omgggg months of waiting all worth it because the pre-wedding video is 😍 We love it! It's so true to our personalities and so fun. Ian from iStudio is super amazing and I'm so thankful I managed to book him for tmr too! They are seriously the best videography team for weddings that I've seen around.

Watching the video brought back so many good memories of our time in Korea! πŸ‘«

Remember the 15 seconds snippets Ian did for us previously? Super nice!

Confirmed on my makeup artist for the day!

This is really exciting coz it took me quite awhile to find a MUA and I finally decided on Dollei who did @jaynetham's bridal makeup too, Dollei and myself are both very excited to see how she's gonna work her magic on me!!!

Everything else aside, most importantly is must look chio tomorrow right πŸ™Š

As usual, too last minute so we don't have time to do a trial. But I have complete faith in Dollei!

Now I think I can take a rest and maybe do a mask for tonight so that I have more radiant skin tomorrow morning hahahaa.

Social media has been a crazy warzone recently and I really abhor all the bad feelings, nasty remarks and flaming going around. So much negativity can't be good for anyone! Hoping that it becomes a friendlier and happier place soon. Love makes the world a better place, God knows it has been a devastating year with so much bad news already.

I'm more grateful than ever for all the blessings in my life, truly.

I'm a little nervous about tomorrow, and I really hope the entire day will go by smoothly without any hiccups!

Hope I'll be able to still update on social media a little tmr hehe but in any case, I just wanna wish all of you a happy and blessed 2015 ahead! πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

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