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Ever since I visited Seoul twice earlier this year, I’ve found myself amazed with how Koreans have such flawless and perfect skin! Call me a convert to K-Beauty, it’s no big secret that I’ve been trying to emulate that natural-looking flawless Korean skin and what better way than to start with using award-winning Korean skincare brand, Dr. Young?

Thanks for sending these products over, Dr. Young! 😀


Dr. Young is a technologically advanced and innovative cosmeceutical brand that was developed under the leadership of a team of skin specialists and doctors. The brand combines the skin nourishing goodness of natural ingredients with cutting edge skincare technology to bring us a skincare system that makes taking care of your skin a simple part of your daily ritual. Our skin is under pressure every day; be it stress or air conditioning, humid weather or external environment. 

I really like how Dr. Young skin care products makes it really easy and effortless to take care of your skin!  Launched in 2008, Dr. Young has 5 product lines on the global market including Anti-Dryness Line, AC Control Line, Protect-Prevent Line, Anti-Pore Line and Special Care Line that are targeted at various skin concerns.

In fact, Dr. Young’s products have often emerged as winners in blind tests conducted on beauty programs! I was happy to test some of Dr. Young‘s best-selling products and I gotta say they are all great products!

An excerpt from Dr. Young’s website: you’d be delighted to know that they use only skin-friendly natural ingredients to create effective skincare products.


Dr. Young Anti-Dryness Camellia Deep Cleansing Foam

Retail Price: $31.90

It is formulated with Organic Lemon Balm and Rose, certified by ECOCERT®, which exfoliates the old tissues while the Flower Complex and Vitamin C help to refresh skin, making it appear pure and bright. With its fine bubble cushion, it thoroughly cleanses wastes without leaving your skin dry and tight. It is also an oil-free, colorant-free and preservative-free cleansing foam that can upgrade your skin’s moisturizing index!

How to use:

Mix with water to make foam and apply onto face in massaging movements. Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water and pat your face with cold water to give tension to your skin as a last step.


My review:

I love rich foaming cleansers because they feel extra luxurious on the skin! Especially as my skin is tending towards the dry side at the moment, an anti-dryness cleanser is perfect for me. The light floral scent is very pleasant, and Anti-Dryness Camellia Deep Cleansing Foam really works as promised, without drying my skin and leaving behind that uncomfortable tight sensation I sometimes get from after cleansing with foaming cleansers. My skin feels hydrated, clean and refreshed after this!

Do note that you have to use a makeup remover prior to cleansing if you have makeup on, as Anti-Dryness Camellia Deep Cleansing Foam does not remove makeup!


Dr. Young Deep Clearing Clay Mask

Retail Price: $37.90

Glassoul, a well-known natural pore cleanser that absorbs wastes in pores and removes dead skin, is one of the main ingredients in Dr Young Deep Clearing Clay Mask. It is an exclusive pore care mask which tighten pores and controls the excessive secretion of sebum with Phyto-Astringent (the complex of Witch Hazel, Calendula and Ivy Extracts certified by ECOCERT®). It provides extreme hydration to the skin after cleansing and is greatly suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:

On dry face after cleansing, apply evenly to the face with an appropriate amount. After 3~5 minutes, wipe out with lukewarm water before it dries out. We recommend you to use the Deep Clearing Clay Mask at least twice a week to solve pore troubles.


I like how the texture of Dr. Young Deep Clearing Clay Mask is very easy to apply, there are some clay masks that are too watery and makes application a mess, while some are so dry that putting it on the skin is a challenge!

Another great thing about Dr. Young Deep Clearing Clay Mask is that it doesn’t have a strong unpleasant clay odour, but smells quite nice and earthy instead. 


I applied quite a thin layer, which I think works well for me! Just leave the mask on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing off.

Dr. Young Deep Clearing Clay Mask

My review:

You might not be able to see a huge visible difference in my photos, but you’ll feel an immediate difference! I really like how Dr. Young Deep Clearing Clay Mask makes my skin feel like all its impurities and dirt have been sucked away. My skin feels softer and smoother somehow! With regular use, it’ll even help to reduce whiteheads and blackheads! 


Dr. Young Illuminating Whitening Serum

Retail Price: 73.90

All-in-one serum which solves 5 different skin problems at one time: skin tone, skin texture, elasticity, blemish and dryness. When applied, the essence is softly absorbed on skin without feeling sticky, and makes skin shine from inside out. Niacinamide and Portulaca Oleracea L. Extracts restrain Melanin Synthesis Enzymes from activating which prevents the cause of pigmentation and makes skin clear and clean while Adenosine provides skin with elasticity which leads to fine and glowing skin.

How to use:

After using toner, apply appropriate amount evenly to your face.


My review:

I love the texture of this product! It has a light-weight gel consistency, but feels really good applied on my face. I can feel my skin absorbing the serum, leaving it soft and supple in texture without being sticky. Results-wise, Illuminating Whitening Serum helps to lighten blemishes and pigmentations to even out skin tone, as well as improve your skin elasticity. So I believe that regular usage will definitely help with keeping your skin youthful and radiant!


Dr. Young Anti-Pore Pore Eraser Balm 

Retail Price: $40.90

Pore Eraser Balm is a primer that has won numerous blind tests in Korean beauty programmes, making it a hit in countries like Hong Kong, Thailand, USA, Malaysia and Taiwan. This soft-textured pore-managing balm is created particularly to cover pores in prominent areas such as nose, cheek and forehead. Its multi-cross structure silicone will help to fill up pores and rough surfaces of the skin making your skin absolutely flawless. 

Ingredients like Swiss Alpine Herb Extracts and Witch Hazel Extract are used to control sebum and tighten up pores while keeping skin soft, moist and matt all day long. Besides providing a perfectly natural and great coverage, it erases pores completely at the same time giving you a smooth and velvet-like skin.

How to use:

Between basic skincare and makeup, apply a bean-sized Dr. Young Pore Eraser Balm lightly and evenly onto prominent pore areas or glossy T-zone areas. Continue with BB cream or foundation to complete your make-up routine.


This is definitely one of my favourite Dr. Young products out of the four that I got to try!


The texture of Dr. Young Anti-Pore Pore Eraser Balm is quite interesting, it’s like a balm texture that glides on with a velvety smooth finish on your skin!


Use Dr. Young Anti-Pore Pore Eraser Balm on areas where you wish to conceal enlarged pores, rough surfaces, or uneven colour tone!


My problem areas are around the nose and on the cheeks mostly, so I use just a tiny bit on that area. The product melts into my skin and blends into my skin tone, making it look completely natural, but leaves a velvety smooth finish that makes the pores disappear and also evens out discolorations.

Dr. Young Anti-Pore Pore Eraser Balm

A close-up photo! I know my pores are not *that* big, but you can see how my skin has been smoothened out and the pores visibility reduced! The smooth finish also acts as a great primer that mattifies your skin for the rest of your makeup, so that it stays on well the entire day! If you have issues with uneven skin texture or enlarged pore size, you have to try the Dr. Young Anti-Pore Pore Eraser Balm!

Overall, I really like Dr. Young’s products, and find that they do a great job to target all their stated specific concerns! My favourites are actually the cleanser and the pore eraser balm, which I find to work really well for me.

I highly recommend you give some of these products a try, and of course, you can quote YINA15 for 15% off on all ala carte products on Dr. Young’s website!

There are also some special Christmas promotions coming up on Dr. Young, and you can get really awesome Christmas Bundles for 20% their regular prices! If you pre-order before 12th December, there’s an additional 5% off, so it’s super value-for-money! These Christmas Bundles are perfect for pampering yourself, or gifting your loved ones with, for sure!

Remember to use the code “SANTA05” for the additional 5% off before 12th December!

Another of Dr. Young’s highly-raved products: Protect Prevent CC Cushion is available for pre-order on the website too!! Use the code ‘DYCCC10‘ for 10% off. I’m a huge fan of cushion foundations, so I can’t wait to give this a try to see how good it is!

Start shopping on Dr. Young’s website now, and don’t forget to grab those Christmas offers before it’s too late!

Dr Young’s Website: www.dr-young.com.sg

Instagram: instagram.com/dr.young.sg

Twitter: twitter.com/dryoung_sg

Facebook: Facebook.com/Dr.Young.Singapore


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