A Fresh Saturday!

Dear Dayre,

My Saturday programme just ended whoop whoop! Saturdays are really my busiest days of the week 😞 Especially when I have special events to attend like today's Fresh workshop at ION Sephora with @evonnz.

Today was from Slim Couture to Fresh event to rehearsal, so I was carrying an extra pair of shoes (change into flip flops after event), umbrella (raining), camera (for event), music scores & water bottle (for rehearsal). So I'm like all dressed up but carrying a huge chapalang bag.

So yes! At the Fresh event earlier where we had a intimate workshop with some of our readers and Sephora customers and shared about awesome Fresh lip products 😍

I super love my dress btw! Hehehe coming up on #thevelvetdolls soon. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ The cut and prints are to-die-for!

And here's celebrity makeup artist Peter Khor doing my lips for me with Fresh products πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Until now my lips still feel so jelly and moisturized from the new Fresh lip treatment! 😍

This one πŸ‘ Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy!

With my pretty @evonnz and the very affable and friendly Peter 😁

Hope those of you who came didn't feel awkward with our silly jokes and digs!

@trishaliang and Shirleen came down too! Super support, Shirleen was wearing TVD 😍

Shirl told me a super cute anecdote. She's a teacher and one day during her lecture, she was wrapping up by asking "Any questions from anyone?" and one student went like πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

"Cher.. Where is your skirt from?"

LOLLLL kids nowadays. So Shirl pulled up the web browser on screen and went to "www.thevelvetdolls.sg".

Ok kid, I give it to you! You've got good taste! πŸ‘Œβœ¨

Remember how that time I dayred about bumping into someone wearing TVD in public and feeling shy about it? πŸ™Š

Well, it happened again not too long ago, I recognized a pretty lady in our popular Petal Flare Skirt and I knew for sure it's from TVD cos that design is exclusively manufactured by us 😍

So we were walking in opposite directions towards each other, and when she saw me, I think she recognized me too and I just gave her a big smile 😁 and she smiled right back!

Made my day 🌟🌟🌟

Back to today. Thank you to all the readers who came down! I recognized a few familiar faces and I'm really glad to see you all ☺️ Thank you to Fresh for having us there too!

You all must totally check out the crazy nice holiday gift sets! They are so perfect for Christmas presents or actually I would buy them for myself πŸ™Š

Mad mad nice right?

Rushed off for rehearsal right after event, we're preparing for our major year end concert which is also the choir's 50th anniversary concert and a big project with our friends from the Philipines and Japan, who are flying in specially to sing with us next week!

It's happening next week Sunday afternoon and it's probably our most significant concert to date in the seven years that I've sang in this choir.

I know some of you here are ex-choristers or have even been conducted by Ms Tham before so do come down for the concert cow it's gonna be a blast!!! Tickets are available from SISTIC but we are selling out fast so don't wait!

Plus I have one tiny solo line. Hahaha 😁😁😁

I feel like I didn't do justice to this beautiful dress today, so here's a short time-lapse video of yesterday's photoshoot with @billetsdouxfromc and Nic.

You get to glimpse this pretty dress that comes in one print and two solid colors (Navy and White) as well as another favourite piece of mine, this super nice lattice front top. 😍

Can't stop admiring the sleek silhouette and classy design of this dress!

Okay. Spending the rest of my Saturday chillaxing and rotting with YZ 😁✨ Night night!

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