Dear Dayre,

Woahhhh I'm so happy my concert is over!!! It was an insanely busy year for SYC Ensemble Singers and now all of us can sort of sit down and catch a breath. The concert was an amazing experience and I'm truly happy to have been part of history in the making for SYCES's 50th birthday. I can't believe still that next year is my 8th year in the choir! Especially for myself because I tend to have trouble committing to anything for an extended period of time 😁

My eyebrows are looking fantastic after my #Erabrowlogy touch-up! Even with minimal makeup on, I feel all perky and "有神" ☺️✨

Took this at night after a super long day that started with #thevelvetdolls photoshoot at 8.30am! Thanks to @tasteofapple for making a special guest appearance 🙆❤️ Felt so good to catch up with this lady after we haven't seen each other for almost a year! I had to rush off and forgot to take some selfies together 😩 Next time okay!

This @tasteofapple still werking it with her spunky short hair! I like this hair do eh!

With our awesome photog Nic who has taken a tremendous load off me during photoshoots. It's really challenging to be the photographer, stylist, and assistant all at once!

What Apple kept for herself! This classic with a twist. I love this dress cos it looks all elegant and demure from in front but when you turn around, you get a little surprise!

It's another design that I drew inspiration from while I was in Seoul earlier this year. I love designs that defy our conventional way of dressing and this dress really shows off your legs too 🙊

The fit is amazing and I know a lot of customers love it too cos it was sold out on our retail racks in a really short time!

Another "basic with a twist" is this silk slip top with lovely lattice back details. I picked a luxe satin/silk blend for this top to give it a touch of femininity and for an interesting play on fabric. I can imagine wearing this to the office with a smart blazer and pants, then simply removing the blazer for a night out, or dressing it for a weekend date with a dainty mesh skirt instead.

Or even a casual look with denim shorts!

Right after photoshoot ended, I chionged down to FEP for a #GetKlarity merchant meeting and finally got back home in the evening and totally crashed 😴 Took a nap and woke up after to edit photos from shoot!

It was a productive Monday 👌 The best kind!

Now that concert is over, I have my Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons back for awhile 🙊 16 more days to wedding so it's time to crunch down on the final wedding prep 😱

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