Dear Dayre,

I'm super happy cos during today's session at #SlimCouture, I dropped like 0.8kg after being very stagnant last week! Must have been cos my period was coming and I was PMS-ing and bloating. Down 0.8kg and also measurements went down more too, soooooo overjoyed 😭

2.5kg down, another 2.5 to goooooo. Or more if possible 😆

I'm not obsessed with numbers, but I guess it's just a personal target thing cos I've never ever been 50kg in my adulthood. I just want to know how it feels like!

Fresh-faced in the morning before I was out for a day of work and meetings. Now I'm back home and it's time to carry on working!

Been training my silly Scruffy how to stand on her hind legs and she's really good at it now! But she's so hyper it's hard to get her to stay for long.

Now I'm working on the images for this week's new arrivals! 😍 Love year-end cos it's the best time to dress up and partaaaaay! 🎉

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