Dear Dayre,

You know what's the problem with anonymous platforms? There's all kinds of trolls asking me super retarded questions. And I suspect there's one or two persons in particular cos I know @lianmeiting has also received questions about me before?

Like this person

Or this person

Seriously guys.

Do I look like I care whether my diamond ring is bigger or smaller than other bloggers? Or whether wedding shoot in Japan or Korea is more impressive? 😨

Uh… All I can say is you, mister or miss, are super boliao and narrow-minded.

Like that I go Iceland take wedding photos la. Confirm I win, have you even visited Iceland? No right?

And I couldn't be happier for my friends that have a huge diamond and are travelling to super awesome places to take chio wedding photos! Siao.

I dunno why they always ask poor @lianmeiting about me lol. Seriously, it's not like Meiting is gonna talk shit about me cos we are friends hello. And I never knew I was "fake humble" ok lah I am I am. Happy now?

And ppl who are really strange and think that I need to seek approval about my relationship and that's why I post stuff about relationship matters. Poor Meiting again dio aim.

Give Meiting a break lah. She never do anything need to keep answering questions about me, very poor thing eh.

If you really have something valuable to ask, come and ask me straight to my face lah. Instead of using anonymous means to troll online. What do you hope to achieve?

Cos you know what, I just find it super duper amusing that there are people like you out there who have nothing better to do. And you think I'm so important that you bother to spend time doing stuff like this and to stir shit about me. I'm so honoured that I'm worthy of your attention!

So thanks for investing your time and effort trying to bring me down. You make me feel like a superstar! ✨😁✨

Moving on!!!

Oh was at Fide Fashion Week two days ago for MCM's show! It started so late, at almost 12 midnight 😰 Stayed for the show and ran off straight after!

Special thanks to MAC Cosmetics for having me there, and also for the makeover I got done by Kenneth at MAC counter, ION!

I love my skirt heh it's the one I can't stop wearing for special occasions cos it's so unique and pretty. Hoping to release it next week! But this week first we're restocking my fav mesh panel top (the one I'm wearing here)

Photo from lifestyleasia of Fide Fashion Week with @evonnz and @withlovetricia! ❤️ Actually the skirt isn't as sexy as it looks! You can only see the slight sheerness IRL but under strong light, it looks more translucent.

Super love the skirt haha @evonnz says she's "choping" it to wear to my wedding.

Anyways, THANK YOU GUYS for your uber sweet and nice replies! I'm not really affected by trolls la, they just give me a good laugh. Hope they gave you one too!

Off to write now, Jia you! 💪

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