Living on the Sierra Nevada 😍

Dear Dayre,

It has been such an eye-opening trip! Spain has really so much to offer that I never knew of. I'm so thankful for my travel companions who always do most of the research and planning cos I'm not one for planning haha and I would be so lost without them!

From the caves, we moved into the mountains for a night and our cabin lodge was situated in a GORGEOUS spot just next to a lake, nested in the mountains. It was so beautiful it felt unreal! Like I had walked into a painting, almost. It was just so picture perfect!

The inside of our cosy cabin. Thank god it came equipped with a heater cos mannnn it was cold up on those mountains!

Been making silly videos to share with YZ and friends so I guess I'll post them here too! The view is really insane 😍 Can't capture it in photos!

Anyways, we took a hike up upon recommendation of our host, and he was so kind to even drive us to the start of the trail, cos it's quite a distance away. The hike was pretty manageable, and not as scary as some previous hikes I've done hahaha! It took us like three hours to reach a good height with the most spectacular view of the snow-capped Sierra Nevada. People do actually go skiing and stuff up there!! We didn't get so near tho.. But good enough. It was an incredible view!

Met a cute puppy along the way whom two locals (from another part of Spain) found wandering along the trail and he was soooooo endearing! They said they'd bring him home, awww. They named him "Camino", which means walk or way in Spanish.

Mountain selfie!! With a selfie stick πŸ‘ and iPhone πŸ‘

The weather is so cooling you don't feel sweaty at all which is super awesome!! We did a total of almost 15km hiking up and back down. At least I got lots of exercise on this trip along with the eating πŸ˜‚

Incredibly beautiful view of Sierra Nevada. It was really lucky that we had a fantastic day for hiking, super clear blue skies and sunny weather! Especially cos the day before was the exact opposite and was totally gloomy and rainy. Phew.

My Ricola ad worthy shot! πŸ˜‚

Another video I made while hiking. There were lots of cow dung on the trail and we finally came to a close encounter with the source of all the πŸ’©.. Huge cows out grazing on the mountains 😨

You should have seen all the cow dung, they were epic proportions hahaha good thing they didn't smell too much in the cold weather. The cows didn't bother us and we just minded our own business too when we encountered them on the trail.

Love the great outdoors so much but we don't get much opportunity to see such nature in Singapore. I'm blessed to be able to experience all these.

We had dinner at a restaurant near our cabin that had a superb view of the lake and sunset. It was spectacular! This was taken with my iPhone 😱

I left my phone on time lapse recording to try to capture the sunset.. Should have started earlier and it was even more beautiful in real life of course. So intrigued by how the clouds disappear into nothing into the skies, like wisps of smoke almost!

The reflection of the setting sun gave the scenery a reddish tinge as the skies got darker and faded into night.

And we found ourselves a house pet in our cabin! Hahaha! This super cute cat was just outside and when we brought him in, he made himself comfortable immediately on our bed and got himself in a really good spot to be patted and stroked and given lots of attention over. Left him outside for the night cos we didn't know if he wanted to stay in with us, but he was still there in the morning and came right in again.

So we thought we would feed it abit of canned tuna while we were having breakfast and… It decided to bring its friends/family(?) over for a feast whaaaaat!!! This cat ah!

Here's mountain survival skills 101 : how to cook aglio olio! Hehehehe Fish and Woon cooked breakfast for us! It was really yummy!! Ending with a cameo of our uninvited house guests.

My boy sent over a card and his snacks with lotsa love together with Aini when she joined us on our extension trip. So so loved and blessed ❀️

He knew I would miss my favourite seaweed snacks and also packed in cup noodles for all of us! It's hard for him when I'm away for so long but I'm so grateful that he's been taking it very well and even went out of his way to be extra sweet. I felt his love and presence even a hundred thousand miles away from home.

ηˆ±ζ­»δ½ δΊ†! ❀️

YZ: "That cat is luckier than me right now… I have no one to hug" πŸ˜‚

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