Jetlag x BONIA x Saturday

Dear Dayre,

GUESS WHAT! Or in case you didn't know, I am back in reality (sadly) and physically even if not mentally back on our sunny island!!!

First things first. I am SO JETLAGGED IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY. Been feeling sleepy but when I sleep (like around 10-12pm) I end up waking up at odd hours (3-6am) and this is seriously making me very sleep-deprived.

As of right now, it is 5am and I've been awake since 3am and basically have been doing nothing except surfing my phone and reading all kinds of random articles online. Jetlag ain't no fun. Especially when I have two events lined up this weekend and a choir rehearsal: yep, back to the grind for sure.

Vacations sure are awesome, but coming back is a huge drag 🙁 that being said, I am truly happy to be back home with YZ and see my precious familiar faces all around me, just that thinking about the huge pile of tasks on my to-do list is really daunting.

Like for instance.. I'M GETTING MARRIED IN 47 DAYS wtf. The date is so near that not even I, queen of chill, can brush it off. 😱😱😱 And obviously I am not prepared for the big day yet cos honestly, is anyone ever really?

Let's not talk about the weight loss part, which is truly stress-worthy. I have to be skinny in 47 days! After three weeks of unrestained holiday eating hahaha this is gonna be a challenge. But I know I can do it!!! Slim Couture, 我全靠你了! Let's not be overly unrealistic, I'd be very extremely happy to lose 5kg in six weeks. Hahahaha. *fingers crossed*

I've been feeling quite crappy about myself in regards to how I haven't been meeting expectations for weight loss. 😪Pressure is very high for me..

.. Especially in this industry when every other blogger or even other blogshop/online store owners are all glamorous and skinny and pretty. I know I shouldn't compare but sometimes I can't help it too. It's a superficial industry and looks undeniably count for something.

And then it's wedding day in six weeks time. Time to buck up!!!

I also haven't finalized and sent out my wedding invites, seen my gown or gone for a fitting yet, as well as a slew of ten thousand other things that always makes me ask myself why weddings have to be so complicated. If I could have it my way, I might just sign the papers at ROM and get it over and done with. Then elope on a long honeymoon with my man. But nope, not happening.

I know many brides fantasize about having a perfect beautiful wedding day and fuss over every single detail from door gifts to God-knows-what, but me, I'm not like that. Just as long as I'm a married woman by the end of the day and everything goes as smoothly as can be, I'd be more than pleased.

We brought the fathers to look for suits yesterday and it was quite hilarious. Not so hilarious is that YZ has decided to spend thousands on tailoring two suits and my dad one (his excuse being he still has two more daughters to marry off, well, assuming all of us do end up getting married right @zuanqing) and I can't help thinking about how all these expenses are sooooo unnecessary. Ah well.

Of course, apart from tying the knot in 47 days time, I'm back to work on all war fronts. TVD back in operation for the year-end crunch time, a string of campaigns and engagements lined up on my social media end, and of course I'm getting back to work at GetKlarity as the editor-in-chief as well! Also, choir isn't letting up cos we have a huge 50th anniversary concert coming up in December.

Sounds pretty crazy huh? Guess that's why I'm so bummed about coming back to reality. But I know I can deal with everything! I'm also the kind of person who constantly bites off more than she can chew, after which it is too late for regrets. YOLO and all! Or probably I just underestimate everything else and overestimate my own capacity. Let me tell myself again, I CAN DO IT! Or I will manage to, somehow. Heh. Brimming with optimism, always!

The first thing to do is.. Take baby steps. Don't let the thought of everything overwhelm you! Let's win our battles one at a time, and get through each day as it comes.

So I'm gonna try to get back to sleep now and make it through today's event and rehearsal!

And of course the diet begins. Again. Today. I will make it work!!!

Super pretty rainbow cake pop at BONIA event! But cannot eat ya. Pose and act 一个 only.

With the other Nuffnang bloggers!

Love the Sonia bag! 😍

So happy cos I picked out a few bags I really like to bring home whoop whoop! 😁

Randomly, my hair is finally growing long! I quite like how it looks except it's a bit flat at the top 😯

And dinner date w my man 👫 After we went down to Michael Trio to confirm our wedding bands! All settled now. Yippee!

Just checking through my mailbox on my phone and received an email which made me very amused! :O

An email that offered me a free watch in exchange for my blog review!

#MarketingandPRfail on so many counts I don't know where to begin.

1. Sending out a PR email via a mailer template is just.. Insincere. Especially when you start off with "Hi Blogger" uhhhh okay.

2. I don't see why I would want to receive a watch valued at $12 for free. I'm guessing the cost price is probably only a few dollars? I really don't think any blogger worth their salt would take precious time out to write a review for a sponsorship of this value 😥

For myself personally, even when it comes to reviews or sponsorships, I only want to write about products and services that I genuinely like and use, regardless of value. And I won't rave about something if I didn't see real results or I really enjoyed using it.

Cannot be so 便宜 until everything also say good cos then no one will trust what you write already, 对不对?


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