Exploring Spain: A Photo Collective + Getting Wifi Service in Spain

Hola amigos!

I am back from Spain and missing my holiday terribly right now! It was an amazing 2.5 weeks in Spain, and I experienced and saw so much, first singing with the SYC Ensemble Singers, and then travelling with my wonderful girlfriends. If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Dayre, I’ve been updating regularly on those platforms even while I was abroad! In the eighteen days that we were in Spain, I got to visit and explore so many different cities: Bilbao, Tolosa, Hondarribia, Pamplona, Barcelona and Granada!

I fully intend to do up a few posts on my travelogues in Spain, especially the tourist hotspots like Barcelona and Granada. Some readers have emailed me to ask for recommendations and advice, and I’d be happy to share if you have any inquiries! But first, let me share some of my favourite photos that I posted on Instagram, as well as why I was able to stay connected to social media during my entire trip! 

(Note: This is not an ad! I thought it would be good to share because not many people may know of this service!)

Woon, Fish and I on our first day in Bilbao!

Off-shoulder Striped Top and Brittany Trench Skirt both from The Velvet Dolls!

Amazing view from Old Town, Casco Viejo in Bilbao

Pintxos are like tapas, but only found mostly in the Basque Country.
Cobbled pavements of narrow streets with quaint colorful buildings. Dressed in The Velvet Dolls upcoming lattice top!

The main portal of Catedral de Santiago, one of the most beautiful churches across Spain constructed in Neo-Gothic style dating back to the 12th century, and the oldest building in Bilbao.

Dressed in The Velvet Dolls upcoming striped cropped top and skater skirt

One of the beautiful churches the SYC Ensemble Singers performed in. We sang in five different towns on different nights!

In the Castle of Olite. Beautiful fall colours in the Queen’s Garden.

Another shot of Old Town, Casco Viejo in Bilbao.

Loving my pretty BONIA bag!

The first taste of paella during our trip and it was just AMAZING! I miss it so much.

Enjoying a cuppa in the pretty city of Pamplona, where the bullfights and bull run are held every year.

The famous La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona.

We stayed in a cave house in Sacramonte, Granada!

Beautiful view of Granada from La Alhambra.


We found a pretty good churreria in Barcelona! Share soon!

Inside the magnificent Sagrada Familia

On the streets of Barcelona. My coat is from Dorothy Perkins and it was so good to have on this trip!

Antonio Gaudi’s master piece, I love these columns in the Sagrada Familia

We took a hike on the Sierra Nevada and the view was INCREDIBLE!

As well as stayed in a cosy little wooden lodge on the mountains..

That overlooked THIS view.

A picturesque sunset on the mountains

That left me in awe.

We also took a day trip out to Montserrat from Barcelona!

More upcoming The Velvet Dolls pieces, and I carried this bag from BONIA so much because it was so handy!

We even spent some time in Frankfurt, Germany, on our stop-over. What a beautiful place!

I posted all these photos on Instagram and Dayre thanks to Wifivox, that offers rental of a portable 3G mobile device that allows you to have wireless internet access practically anywhere in Spain! (The only areas I didn’t get wifi was while hiking on the mountains in Sierra Nevada, and in places without reception like inside my cave apartment)

It allows connectivity of up to 5 devices if I’m not mistaken, and if you’re sharing the cost amongst a few people, it is SO much cheaper than data roaming ($15 a day for M1, and I’m not even sure if data-roaming service is available in Spain). The wifi was really quick and I used it with ease. It was such a great idea to rent this!

Wifivox device rental costs just 6.99 euros a day, which is less than $12 in SGD! 

The Wifivox device looks like this and is chargeable with a micro-USB cable. Battery lifespan is around 8-10 hours, so I highly recommend carrying out a fully charged battery juice pack cos you might need to revive this on days that you’re out and running for more than 8 hours, which was almost everyday for us.

Best part for me is that you can rent this from Wifivox online, and it is delivered to your accommodation in Spain, and provided with a return envelope that allows you to drop it off at any mailbox or designated drop-off points (We dropped it off at the airport before we left). Super convenient!! This was really a life-saver for me hahaha.

Remember to rent your Wifivox device a few days before your trip so that you can just pick it up from the reception or concierge! 

Hoping to share more about some of my favourite sights in Spain very soon, so please stay tuned!


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