Dear Dayre,

It's business as usual on Saturday, class, rehearsal and all that! But just taking a minute to tell y'all that there's a 15% sale going on at just for this weekend whoop!!! So do go check something out! It's storewide save for this week's new arrivals! ✨😁✨ That's a whole lot of awesome clothes you can get for 15% off ☺️

For instance, Camy Jumpsuit for less than $30 (??!) in @shiberty and @evonnz's words "this is better than Topshop and its worth way more than $34.90!"

I also recommend this super nice romper, less than $30 with discount!

Yet another jumpsuit now going for such a good price! I wear this super often, it's one of my fav to-go pieces 👍

Damn good quality skorts for $24.50 😍😍😍 I kept this in two colors 🙌

All these and so many more really awesome clothes for great prices! And trust me when I say our quality is superb. Our customers will know we don't scrimp on quality just to bring down our cost price.

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