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Weight loss is an issue that I’ve been battling all my life, so much that the word “dieting” is as familiar to me as the word.. “food”. Some people are born skinny and some people are not, and I’m one of those that’s been struggling with weight loss battles since childhood.

Even though my war with the fats is still ongoing today, I am really thankful that I came across Slim Couture and have decided to make it part of my life, because I have never sincerely believed in a weight loss treatment as much as I have, in Divine Slim! It is not just healthy and holistic, it is a treatment that truly works effectively and I have seen it do wonders not just on myself, but on people around me, like YZ or even Jessica (aka Shiberty)!

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It was my great honour to be a part of Slim Couture’s first ever event, a Meet-and-Greet session with readers! Of course, I got YZ to come along as well so he could be another real life testimonial. YZ lost like 7kg in just 6 weeks of going through Slim Couture’s TCM slimming sessions!

The turnout for the event was great! I’m so glad I had a chance to meet some readers and talk to them/encourage them. It also made me feel heartened that I’m not the only one struggling with these issues and being able to meet these ladies to share my experience and give them hope! I know how daunting weight loss can be, and how impossible it seems. 

Some photos from the event!


Here’s the special buffet spread at the event, and guess what, these foods are all “Slim Couture approved”! Lol. 


Fruits like dragonfruit, kiwi, strawberries and papaya..


Tofu, vegetables..


And yummy fish and chicken!

Honestly, it may be hard to follow to Slim Couture’s diet at first, but once you’re once to it, it’s actually not that tough! Plus you don’t have to starve yourself, which is what I always thought I had to do to lose weight. Not so with Slim Couture. You’re supposed to eat your meals regularly and snack too, on healthy snacks like cherry tomatoes and blueberries!


In the process of sharing with readers about Slim Couture’s TCM treatments and how they work!


With dear Jess, who lost a HUGE amount of weight. I think Jess lost almost 10kg to date? I’m so proud of her and happy that Slim Couture helped her achieve such amazing results!


And these are the lovely ladies behind Slim Couture, and they are really passionate to help every single client lose weight healthily and effectively. Thank you for having me at the event!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted such an ugly picture of me on my blog HAHA but this photo on the left was taken on the exact same day that I went to Slim Couture for my very first session! I still remember the photo being taken at a Benefit event (which is why I was holding a toy gun) and it was my dear Tricia aka VainGloriousYou who took this shot -.-

And of course, the photo on the right is my outfit photo from last month I think? Panelled Mesh Top (gonna be restocked soon!) and Elodie Skorts from TheVelvetDolls!


You might be surprised to know that the weight difference between these two photos is barely a few kg, but silhouette and measurements-wise, I think there is a huge difference! One of the best things about Slim Couture’s treatment is that it helps to target cellulite as well as problem areas like love handles and tummy, which means a vastly improved silhouette and figure. Even though my weight hasn’t gone down by much, I’ve received quite a fair bit of comments and compliments from friends and acquaintances about how I look!

Taken on the day of Slim Couture’s event! Off-shoulder top from LilypiratesSora Mermaid Skirt from TheVelvetDolls, nude stroppy shoes from Steve Madden.

Ideally, I’m hoping to lose another 4-5kg in time for 1st January and I really hope that with Slim Couture’s help, I can achieve my target weight and figure! Superficial as it seems, being that few kg slimmer really does make me feel better about myself. Apart from being able to wear clothes confidently, I feel so much more at ease with my body and myself. Of course, the benefits of losing weight with Divine Slim treatments are way more than just superficial! I really do feel tons healthier and happier.

Once I’m back from Spain in three weeks time, it’ll be the last six weeks counting down to the wedding day! Those last twelve sessions are gonna be crucial for me to lose the extra couple of pounds I’m expecting to gain from travelling hahaha and really look my best on my big day. Can I please be the skinniest ever on that day? HAHA. Can’t wait!!!

If you’ve also been fighting a war with weight loss like I am, please press on and don’t give up! It’s not easy, but trust me on this, you can do it! 🙂 Stay positive alright! Most importantly of all, be happy and healthy because that’s the best thing you can do for your body! And remember that at the end of the day, those numbers on the scale do not determine our entire self-worth and value. Your body’s health and well-being is way more than just numbers, so go about losing weight healthily!



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