Choosing our wedding bands at Michael Trio

Hello my dear friends!

Hopefully no one is tired of reading about wedding updates yet! It’s been really exciting this month, and we managed to get another to-do list struck off my wedding checklist, and something really important and significant too.. our wedding bands!

Don’t get confused, I don’t mean the live band at the wedding, but the rings that we’re going to be putting on each other when we exchange our vows on January 1st, and thereafter be wearing for the rest of our lifetimes :’)

After some shopping around, YZ and I finally decided on a well-known jewelry shop: Michael Trio. It was with much anticipation and excitement that we stepped into Michael Trio’s showroom at Tanjong Pagar to find out what Michael Trio has to offer.





Looking at the sheer amount of designs available can be quite overwhelming, so here’s my advice for you: Be patient, and get both your HTB and yourself to try on the different ring designs to find out what you like the most!

To be honest, I stepped into Michael Trio without doing any prior research on wedding band designs and had completely no idea what I would like. All I knew is that I wanted the simplest wedding band that’s modest and not too fancy.


Thankfully, Michael Trio has got a HUGE selection of wedding bands! Price wise, their rings are very reasonably set too. (Depends mostly on the weight of the gold as well as the number of diamonds in the setting!)



We decided to just randomly pick out a few promising looking ones to try on to see how they look on us..



The very friendly and knowledgeable staff at Michael Trio recommended us to try this classic setting with a row of little sparkly diamonds. Mmmm pretty, but I thought I’d prefer something even simpler with less bling!


Looks not too bad huh?

But right after that, my eye fell upon this absolutely BEAUTIFUL design and I was sold even before trying it on!



This set of beautiful rings in a lovely matte finish and with a rim of rose gold.

My favourite part is the subtle embossed studs that encircle each ring, with one sparkly diamond for the lady’s!


Just to see how the wedding band would look stacked up with my engagement ring as well… 😀 I love it! It’s such an understated design but still so unique.




I like how the male version of the same design is thicker and more manly, but YZ thought it felt a little too thin on his finger.

Fortunately, Michael Trio offers customisation and modification services at no extra cost, and so we decided to tweak the male version of the ring design that we picked, to make it double tiered so that it’s thicker but still retains the same design.

About two weeks later, Michael Trio sent us a 3D render of the modified designs that we were thinking of doing! Makes it a lot easier for us to visualise the final outcome!

What do you think? 😀 😀 😀
Once we’ve confirmed on the final design, the actual ring will be made!


Whoop whoop!
YZ and I are really looking forward to seeing the final rings! 🙂

Apart from wedding bands, Michael Trio also offers engagement rings: all their diamonds are of the highest quality and come with certificates too! I browsed Michael Trio’s website and I found it very cool and informative. You can actually create your own perfect engagement from the website in just three simple steps: Choosing first a diamond and then the setting, and the complete price will then be automatically calculated for you by the website! Go check it out!

Can’t wait to share on the final products once we’ve all confirmed and ready-to-go with our ring designs! I officially feel almost married already teehee. Three month count-down begins now!


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