Dear Dayre,

Hiiii!!! Omg schedule has been mad the past few days!

We have had three concerts, rehearsals aplenty and also a little bit of sightseeing here and there the past few days. Because our concerts start at 7/8pm and dinner is after that, we have been getting back to hostel at 1am and then waking up again at 6/7am for me cos I've been trying to get some work done too over here!

Sang at this gorgeous church for a concert two days ago! It was built in the 12th century and then restored in the 16th century. It's so old! Still functional til current day!

The choir singing Quem gloriosa something by Victoria!

Red x Blue outfit with my trusty wellies!

Found a cutie bulldog on the streets. That face aiyooooo!

Soooo cute lah. All the dogs in Europe all extra cute one. And they roam around everywhere even inside the shops.

Yesterday, we had a day trip out to Pamplona and Olite.

I love the Spanish streets! Very colorful and picturesque.

The Olite castle was super interesting too, especially cos we had a guide who was really good! This is the garden of the queen of Olite who demanded that a garden be built outside her room on the second level even though it was technically impossible at that time.

Love the colors of the fall leaves! 🍁🍃🍂

Been having soooo much bread here every meal is bread FML my diet really gone bust. Well enjoy the moment and YOLO bah! Go back to SG and try to lose weight in 6 weeks hahaha.

We had this Galician beef that was soooo good it looks very raw but tasted 👌👌👌

What we look like on most "work" days. Polo tee attire hahaha not as glam as you see in my photos 😬

Taken at Pamplona yesterday. It's super chill in Spain. Grab a cup of coffee and sit around cos everyone is doing that.

Tonight is the important night: the night of the competition itself.

Hope we break a leg!

Waiting for our turn to go on stage in 50 minutes time.

Yikes first segment is over! And now it's dinner time. So cute, we are having our dinner in cardboard trays.

I finished the entire portion save for the soup. I'm really thinking how to avoid bread but it's near impossible cos every single meal comes. With. Bread.

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