Dear Dayre,

This whole week has been super busy lah.. Call time everyday ranging from 9.30am to 11.30am wtf.

Monday morning was choir rehearsal that started at 9.30am
Tuesday was SC session that started at 11.30am
Wednesday was #klarity team meeting that started at 10am
Thursday was photoshoot that started at 10.30am

Today Friday is #SlimCouture session at 11.30am 😨

Actually 11am onwards is ok for me but before 11am is too early 😴 Usually I'd be up and awake but not ready to go!

So never mind. This is my motto of the week!

This week has really been non-stop for me, and the weekend is going to be really hectic too cos of our annual warehouse sale plus my usual choir rehearsal and I may have an event on Sunday at Jurong Point 😨 Too damn far if you ask me!

Yesterday's shoot situation for a magazine feature! It'll only be out in December so I can't share yet. Hopefully it turns out nice!!

Wth super barefaced hahaha.

My dogs obviously have a way better life than I do? Both of them were just lazing around when I left the house this morning!

Hahahaha they so cute.

Today is going to be a long day too, cos we're getting ready for our annual warehouse sale that's happening this weekend! It's gonna be massive!

💪💪💪💪💪 Jiayou lah. Hahaha. So free to dayre now because there's a huge jam on the expressway and my cab driver made me take a long route to town for my SC session. 😰

Anyway, check out my blog for some new posts! Cos there's also a giveaway 👍

innisfree hamper, yay!

And Biotherm Life Essence! There are 8-day samples to be redeemed, and I really like this product. ❤️

Some other snippets from this week!

I'm proud to announce that I'm now part of the team at, which is a new startup dedicated to beauty and wellness! Look out for the exciting app that the team here at Klarity is developing. They've got a super talented team and I'm glad to be on-board as the beauty editor-in-chief hehehe. I'll be contributing articles on Klarity's blog!

Here's the office situation right now! There's gonna be sooooo many items on sale 😱 Super good prices too!

It's gonna be a crazy weekend for sure!

I wonder how many pieces of clothing there are in this space right now 😂

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