Dear Dayre,

WOOHOO it's me again!!!
Gosh.. So busy that I only managed to launch this week's #thevelvetdolls collection today πŸ˜”

But it's a super nice collection!!

Today's ootd features the new Magnolia Floral Skorts. This is super duper nice and flattering! 😍 I love how it looks best with a white blouse.

Another piece I really really like in this collection is the Viola Crochet Panel Skirt! It's so cute with an intricate crochet panel cut-out detail on the sides.

Kept the powder blue for myself though I haven't had a chance to wear it yet πŸ™ˆ

For the Cleo Peekaboo Dress, I kept it in Indigo! Forever my favourite color cos it's a universally flattering color 😍 This design was inspired from Topshop/ZARA hehe.

Shop at okay! ✨

I've been playing w my new instax printer and it's super love!!! So addictive haha I'm gonna end up printing everything on instax le. I tried printing out some of our wedding photos! Thinking of incorporating some of these instax prints into the styling for the actual day wedding area, maybe the reception table or photo album set-up?

What do you think @merryloveweddings? 😁 Perhaps a hanging tree?

So if you've been wondering where I have MIA-ed to, I've been pretty busy lately cos of a few different things!

1. TVD

TVD has been keeping me busy of course! Regular photoshoots and all that. And last night, @ericchenrr, Nic and I went to support @billetsdouxfromc at the New Paper New Face finals!!

Cheered so loud for Chanel! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ You were fabulous babe even if you didn't win! 😁😁😁

2. Intensive choir rehearsals

We are leaving for Spain in a short three weeks and there's another concert performance before the competition tour so I think this is gonna be a super intensive month 😨😨😨 But I CANT WAITTTTT to be in Spain! I will try to update everyday there if possible!!

3. Blog engagements and campaigns and events

You might have noticed there's been quite a few blog posts and IG postings on my social media lately, I think its the year-end crunch la.. So I've been handling so many engagements and campaigns the past few weeks! Thankfully, most of them are really great campaigns and products and services so it's been really fun 😁✨

Here I am at Millenia Walk now for a beauty workshop with @bunbunmakeuptips and Larry Yeo!

My hair and face's gonna get a makeover for a Friday night look! Woohooooooo.

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