Dear Dayre,

Sorry for the disappearing act the past two days!

I can't even remember what I've been up to. Just sort of taking a break and getting some fresh air 😁

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys/girls interested in @trishaliang's #infinitycard that she's started on the tutorial on her Dayre!

So hop over to support and learn, Trish is very very passionate about craft and I'm sure you'll find her tutorial helpful ☺️

This is really the prettiest card I've ever received in my life! 😍

For you awesome crafty people, remember to pop over to too cos @trishaliang stocks in damn pretty limited edition Washi tapes!!

Weather is crazy crazy hot. Going to office now for #thevelvetdolls shoot! 💪💪💪 Followed by rehearsal tonight. Jiayou jiayou!!

Before the clock strikes midnight!!! I just got home and it's 11.51 now, so exhausted from shoot and rehearsal! I wanted to work on the photos from shoot but I think I'll save it for tomorrow morning.

I did edit a couple of photos though! Love this upcoming coordinate! Both top and bottom manufactured by TVD ☺️

Sorry Dayre! I promise I'll come back to you really soon. It's just been very hectic for me of late!

If you miss me though (🙈🙈🙈 so thick skinned, say got ppl miss me) I just posted a new entry on the blog! Teehee about our experience picking wedding bands at Michael Trio!!

So exciting right. Three more months only. Three more months to lose weight omg <– obviously my greatest concern lol.

NIGHT NIGHT DAYRE! I love you. I go sleep liao!

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