Dear Dayre,

It's the last lap to go before I flyyyyy! Just a few more days til Friday when I depart.

After yesterday's long day for concert performance, I had another long day today at photoshoot.. Lined up as many items as possible during today's shoot so that TVD can operate as per usual even when I'm away in Spain!

The new iPhone 6 has a built-in time lapse function in its camera app and I used time lapse to record a short snippet of what goes on during photoshoot.. Lol

So glad for the help of Nic, our photographer from TFT Studio cos he really made my job so much easier! With him to shoot, I just have to concentrate on the planning and styling.

You might have noticed that @billetsdouxfromc got her fringe cut short into bangs too haha. So cute huh? I'm tempted to cut my fringe as well but I'm gonna leave it long til the wedding >.<

I LOVE this skirt! ❤️❤️❤️

@billetsdouxfromc can always be counted on to take all these unglam behind-the-scenes pictures of me doing various maid duties such as cleaning the backdrop.

Just part and parcel of being a small business owner… 😯

Shoot lasted almost five hours today, 辛苦了, @billetsdouxfromc! We started at one plus and ended at six plus. No joke, super tiring 😲

After which I rushed down to my supplier's to discuss some new samples and to place orders for the new manufactured pieces! Pretty excited cos I saw a couple of my favourite pieces today! 😍

Can't wait for the actual stocks to arrive whoop!

Sitting at Salon Vim now getting my hair color touched up while editing photos at the same time! Multi-tasking as always hahaha.

I went on TV today!! Lol

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