Dear Dayre,

Whoop whoop, touched down finally in Bilbao after almost an entire day of transit!

Had a good flight though, quite comfy and I slept on and off throughout the 12 hour flight! After which we had a 5 hour transit and another 2 hour long flight.

After a couple hours rest in hostel, we headed out to Bilbao city for a walk and dinner!! Freshened up and dressed up too hehehe.

The weather's pretty awesome, it's twenty odd degrees but really cooling and comfortable!

The beautiful view outside the hostel!

So many adorable dogs here! Ran into this cutie at the train station.

Crazy good dinner for just 28 euros per pax.. 😱😱😱 So stuffed now!!

Having fun with the Samsung Nx30 with 45mm lens!

I brought two cameras along on this trip, my trusty Olympus E-PL5 and also the Samsung Nx30. Love the photos so far!

Outside the Guggenheim Museum where we walked by earlier.. We're going back tomorrow cos there's free entry!

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