Dear Dayre,

It's 5am and I'm having insomnia!
And I haven't packed and it's Thursday. Stress die me!

Maybe this will help me adjust my body clock to Spanish time hahahaa.

But it's def not good cos I have an early appt with my wedding planner in a few hours time, followed by my nail appt followed by a video shoot for a client.

I hope I don't look like the walking dead tomorrow…..

Note to myself:

1. Change euros!
2. Collect my contact lenses!
3. Start packing (doh)
4. Buy new pair of track shoes if possible!
5. Pack glasses and also Estée Lauder

Most important stuff the rest I can't remember now haha.

While everyone else was having a relaxed day off.. Went in for meetings with Klarity today at 9 plus am before I ran over for rehearsal at 2pm. Busy!

We're rounding up some bloggers/ambassadors for Klarity and Alene (@paperkitties) is one of them. 😁

A pic taken at Klarity's office space with Joelle, my friend who is co-founder of Klarity, & Alene ☺️

I'm really happy to be onboard this project cos Joelle is really creative and full of ideas! I think the entire Klarity team is very visionary!

The office space is awesome too, it's near all the really nice cafes in the Bugis area! We had lunch at Maison Ikkoku cos Artistry was packed full.

I ordered the omelette which was yummy! And I tried their poached eggs too and the hollandaise sauce tastes like it has maggi curry powder in it hahaha but very tasty!!

Speaking of cafes, my first blog post/article on Klarity is live! It's about my top 5 must-try cafes in Singapore, so maybe you might want to check it out 😁

URL: ✨✨

So I've been preparing for my trip by booking all my personal grooming appts.. Got my hair done at #SalonVim and my eyebrows shaped at #Erabelle!!

Sorry no makeup on 😨

Later do nails and Friday do lash extensions. Before you think I damn hiao and booked all these specially for my trip, it's cos I've been delaying all my appts (too busy to book) and so now is the best time to get them all done!

I haven't done lash extensions since I left for Sydney in June, and my nails too! Damn chui now.

Anyone agrees with me that booking appointments for all these beauty and wellness related services can be a pain in the ass? For me cos I like to squeeze as many appts in as possible in one day! So yesterday I did my hair followed by brows back to back. Would have booked my lashes on the same day too if I could but Graceous wasn't available til Friday.

It's really troublesome cos I have to call/text all of my service providers to check for their available slots and then go back and forth.

What if there was an app that allows you to not just book all your beauty and wellness appointments via app (hair, facial, spa, nails, lashes, brows and all that) but also allows you to discover new beauty and wellness services near your location in real time, with time-based promotions and offers?


Ok you can start getting all excited now cos this is exactly what #Klarity is all about!

An app that allows you to discover and experience beauty and wellness, in real time.

Apart from booking at your regular salons easily via app, you can look for services located near you, wherever you are!

Have two hours to spare in town before your dinner appointment? Just use Klarity app to locate top-rated beauty and wellness services near you and book directly through the app! 😍

Sounds super awesome, doesn't it? No excuses not to squeeze in abit of pampering time here and there already. I really want a massage now btw but I really can't squeeze it in liao la hahaha.

If you think Klarity sounds amazing already, pop over to our webpage at ( to sign up for the mailing list!

The app is rolling out in December and I really am very excited for it! My pocket PA to booking all my services from now on hahaha.

FML it's almost 6am liao 😞

I'm gonna try to get some sleep before my packed day begins. 💪💪💪

Be back later byebye!

Hi Dayre, woke up while in the middle of a vivid dream.. I dreamt that I gave birth wtf! And then in the dream my first pressing question was: "Doctor, I'm travelling to Spain tomorrow?! Can I still proceed? 😨"

Wha a scary dream.

Dreaming of giving birth is commonly associated with a fresh start, a new idea flourishing, or the beginning of a new stage of your life.

The birth dream definition suggests you are entering an exciting new phase in your life. It is about the birth of new ideas and attitudes, major events, perhaps even a new you.

The dream has nothing to do with whether or not you may be pregnant. It is about a much more general sense of fresh, exciting new beginnings.

To dream of giving birth – or of someone else you know giving birth – represents new possibilities or a chance to start over again.

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