The making of “Yina Goes”

Dear Dayre,

I spent most of my Saturday night and Sunday afternoon drawing away on the tablet.. And came up with my new blog header! 😍😍😍

Don't know if you still remember the old one, but it's the same avatar/character but done in a new style!

Started with the line work…

And then slowly coloring it in, like how you'd color the lines of a coloring book!

Then I added in more and more details to the lines and colors..

Added in some text and more floral border details..

And here's the completed illustration!

It's abit sketchy but I decided to keep it that way so it looks more "homely".

Here's a gif of the step-by-step progress…

And this video is of the different layers: I do the lines and the colors on different layers in photoshop so that it's easier to clean up and work with.

Final product on my blog already!!!!

Now I'm gonna slowly revamp my blog and do a new "About me" page and maybe re-organize the past entries a bit! More motivation to blog now haha you know humans are all the same we all get tired of the old and something new is always a refreshing change. Sigh.

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