Photoshoot at Sentosa!

Dear Dayre,

This is what "狼狈" looks like. Trying to pull a trolley through sand is seriously inefficient! Lol.

Yeap, photoshoot time again. I swear outdoor shoots take the most of of me every week but it's so hard to give up all the beautiful lighting and "hweeling" for plain ole studio shoots. Though that being said, I think I might actually be defeated and turn to studio shoots soon.

Outdoor shoots
= a lot more tiring, less productive, dependent on weather conditions, and subject to light. I also have to lug clothes and shoes and accessories out which is a pain.

Studio shoots
= comfortable, consistent light, air conditioned, and I can probably shoot two times as many outfits in the same time frame. Plus all my stuff is in office so I don't have to be so stressed over preparing for shoot.

But it's HWEELING vs Clean and Nice.

Which one would you take?

Today was probably one of the craziest shoots cos we drove down all the way to Sentosa (thanks to our photog Eric) and endured an unbearably hot afternoon, all in the name of capturing the best frames.

I was trying my best to hide under a HUGE umbrella, and I don't know how Eric and Chanel managed to do their work in the crazy hot weather. It's really a tough job!

Pro Tip: Don't stinge on the sunblock. Just go all out and whack. You won't regret it!

The sun was bearing down so hard on us that many images were over exposed or too contrasted as well, sigh. But overall, I LOVE the way the photos turned out!

How to get this kind of photos with studio shoot? My dilemma every week when I consider comfort vs end product.

What I told @evonnz and @trishaliang: "Wah lao, we go Quayside Isle take photo look like shit but model go there take photo machiam like French Rivera. 不愧叫 Chanel." 😂

I'd like to compliment my own outfit styling too of course 🙈

Very got "feeling", right?

I haven't had time to go through and edit the photos myself so I'm really looking forward to it! All these are edited by Eric as well.

We managed to shoot quite a number of designs, all for the next collection which is gonna be resort-themed!

Lots of beautiful pieces, great for summer days.

Thank you @billetsdouxfromc for the effortless beauty! 😍

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