Cabin Crew Kit: Skincare secrets of flight attendants

I absolutely love flying and travelling. Travelling is one of my favourite things to do like I mentioned in my previous post “10 Things That Make Me Happy“! And I feel so blessed because I’ve been given countless of opportunities to spread my wings and take flight this year, something that I’m incredibly thankful for. In the past 8 or 9 months, I’ve travelled 7 times and I’m so looking forward to my next trip in October, when I’ll be flying to SPAAAAIN!

Despite how much I love flying, there’s a downside to it that I dread everything I fly. Long flight hours in the harsh and dry airplane cabins doesn’t just make me feel dehydrated and tired, it creates havoc on my skin 🙁

I’m sure you have experienced it too. My skin usually goes crazy when after a long flight, and especially when I arrive in a foreign climate with dry weather conditions. It starts flaking, breaking out in little bumps and just being a total pain in the a**! 🙁 Frequent flying really does take a toll on the skin, and I find that my skin has become drier and dehydrated.

But of course, dehydration doesn’t just happen to those of us who fly regularly. If you spend hours in an air-conditioned office or you sleep in an air-conditioned room every night, you might realise that your skin has become dryer and duller too.

I’ve been looking out for skincare that can address hydration issues and I recently got to hear of Cabin Crew Kit skin care, which is a brand specifically tailored for frequent flyers whose skin is often exposed to harsh climate. The name caught my attention straight away, because don’t we all want to know how those beautiful flight attendants keep their skin healthy and flawless, even with the long and harsh flight hours that they face?


Cabin Crew Kit is a formulation of US and Japan technology and made to address the major key concern of Hydration. Therefore, all the products are formulated to provide ample moisture while addressing other skin concerns! An extra dose of hydration for every series to ensure it solves the problem while providing ample moisture.

Cabin Crew Kit is also a dermatologist grade of products, but suitable for home use!


Here are some of the products that I got to try! As I don’t have any major problems right now with acne, I didn’t really use the Hydro Zit Gel long-term, which is meant to help clear acne and blemishes while hydrating at the same time.

Instead, I used the other two products: Nano Hydration Boost and Skin Renewal Serum.


Skin Renewal Serum

One of the products that caught my attention straight away was the Skin Renewal Serum. It is a multi-functional serum that exfoliates, repairs and hydrates, all at the same time! I don’t think I’ve ever used a serum that exfoliates at the same time, so this is a first!

In any skincare regime, exfoliation is an extremely important step. When we remove dead tissue on the surface of the skin during exfoliation, this helps to minimise pores and reveal soft, smooth skin beneath for a more radiant glow.

The Skin Renewal Serum has a gentle approach in promoting the exfoliation of top layer of dry, dead skin cells, revealing newer and healthier skin. The appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is reduced, while stimulation of collagen synthesis helps to improve skin’s elasticity and youthful glow.

Application: Apply 2 full pumps evenly over cleansed face and neck. Avoid eyes area. For daily night use only. Due to the sun sensitivity in AHA elements, it is recommended to use sunscreen when you are out in the day. Suitable for all skin types. 

I like how the Skin Renewal Serum is almost liquidy in texture. Two pumps is quite a lot, so I personally use only one pump, which seems to be the perfect amount for me!

Upon application, I can feel a very slight prickling sensation, which is the glycolic acid content at work! It absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t feel uncomfortable even on my sensitive skin. With usage over the past couple of weeks, I do feel that my skin has gotten more radiant and has improved in texture!

PS. This item is only to be used at night due to the sun sensitivity in its AHA ingredients. Also, always wear a sunblock in the day time as well to protect your skin!


The other item I’ve been using is the Nano Hydration Boost!

There are many triggers to skin sensitization and one of the biggest consequences of dry skin is an increase in sensitivity. When skin is dry, it’s depleted of its natural protective lipid barrier and lowers skin’s defenses against environmental assaults that can cause a sensitized reaction in skin, such as itching and redness. The double-action Nano Hydration Boost serum helps to replenish, recover and rejuvenate your dry or dehydrated skin condition.

If you’re looking for ultra-hydration, I recommend the Nano Hydration Boost! This serum has the ability to effectively lock in moisture on our skin surface and prevents dehydration from happening.  Also, it’s so gentle on the skin!

Application: Apply 1-2 pumps evenly over cleansed face and neck. Day and night use. Suitable for all skin type

I really like the texture of all the Cabin Crew Kit products I’ve tried. The Nano Boost Serum is another clear liquid that’s equally light weight and I like how it fully absorbs into the skin with no greasy residue! It can be used both day and night, and I like to imagine it locking in all the moisture into my skin!

Pardon my no-makeup face, but I thought that’d be the best way to show you what the products have been doing for me! And this is also immediately after application at night of the Skin Renewal Serum (my favourite product) which I alternate with the Nano Boost Serum.

I personally feel that my skin has become more glowy with frequent usage! And of course, it is also improved in terms of its texture, I don’t feel that my skin is so dry anymore.


These Cabin Crew Kit products aren’t miracle products, they don’t work immediately (i.e after just one usage), so I recommend you to use these products regularly for at least 2-3 weeks to see results!


Glad to find this range specially tailored for the frequent flyers. I’m packing this into my luggage on my next trip ;D

Cabin Crew Kit skin care products are available online on and prices range between S$72.00 to S$115.00!


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