Dear Dayre,

Morning conversations with the mother wtf. I was obviously home last night and she thought I wasn't back home!

So I am 27 and my dad gives me a 12 midnight curfew what is this I ask you? And yes my mother talks to me like…. An ah lian. Not motherly at all one.. πŸ˜‚ I don't know la, she has never given me any motherly vibes in my entire life since I was taller and bigger than her already once I hit 13/14 years of age.

Discussing with dear @merryloveweddings last night about the palette and feel for my wedding day, and we are going for a soft dreamy vintage pastels look!


I absolutely cannot wait to see the ladies from @merryloveweddings (my styling team) and #insidetheknot (my wedding planners) work magic on the big day! The only part I'm looking forward to. Not looking forward to a long long long day and all the other arrangements I haven't made. So I'm real glad for all their help!

We're thinking of going for a different look for the florals: wild flowers / more rustic looking bouquet and arrangements as opposed to big blooms. It's more cost-efficient as well and would fit into our theme so prettily!

AND I can't wait for my sample bridesmaid dress to arrive.. I had an idea for what I thought would be a gorgeous design for a bridesmaid dress and I submitted the drawing to my supplier already! Excitesss to see if that vision in my imagination will look as gorg in reality!

Okay, I'm gonna be good and slap on a mask (a pimple popped out on my face yesterday 😫😫😫) and then go get work done for today's #thevelvetdolls launch!

Giving the Glam Glow Super Mud a try! Couldn't find my black one (Youth Mud) so I decided to use the white one (Super Mud).

Another one of the many products you can get from Sephora! It's supposed to be really good πŸ‘

Hello Dayre! I'm back! Got the new arrivals up on site and you gotta go shop for my favourite Elodie Origami Skorts and Camellia Floral Jumpsuit 😁✨

Go to!

I'm currently stuck in a jam thanks to the F1 road closures on the way for some client meeting/event at Millenium Walk. Boys and girls, please don't drive to this area for this next few days. Taking public transport/MRT is a safer bet 😩

My taxi driver is so annoyed he keeps making little frustrated sounds and unhappy noises. Haiiii uncle, I'm the one paying the taxi fare you know 😭

And I'm late liao. πŸ˜ͺ

This taxi uncle is really dulan. I can tell by the way he's driving. Ok, just get me to my destination soon!! My taxi fare $20 liao 😭

Tell you a secret, I've been super addicted to roasted seaweed lately! 😍😍😍

Especially this Tao kae noi brand one, it's damn crunchy and addictive! I like the other kind too, the one that comes in little strips instead of one big sheet.

I can eat two packs a day 😨

Anyways, have you read my latest blog post on my bridal makeup trial? Please please go and read cos there's a give-away for Laura Mercier's new Smooth Flawless Fluide foundation! βœ¨πŸ‘

This is the one!


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