Dear Dayre,

Sunday morning 好!

Going out to meet the gfs for lunch in abit. Yippee!

Oh randomly another Ktv video! So badly taken it will never see the light of day but on Dayre. Heh.

GEM's 存在!

Part two!

Can I upload longer videos on Dayre please? Dayre @blog team!

Today's brunch at Spathe House with the girls and partners!

Eh… I was quite disappointed. My eggs ben was tasteless and the French brioche with ice cream that we ordered had really strange ice cream that tasted more like whipped cream… And then the hot chocolate was SO sweet one sip would give you diabetes 😨 Say real one, I drink sweet stuff but even that was too sweet for me! So we asked them to remake another cup which was much better. Oh and they forgot our order of garlic fries. Pfft.

Another thing that annoyed us is that if you bring a cake to cut and eat at the restaurant they charge you $10 for it! 😡 First time I hear before walaoeh.

But never mind! My awesome gfs damn cute, my birthday pass so long liao today I still get a card and a present! 😍😍😍

Thank you @evonnz and @trishaliang 😘

So they were at a loss and didn't know what to get me and I told them "Just get me an instax printer!" TADAAA 我的愿望实现了!

My first test print with the instax printer!!! 😍😍😍 Wah I love it! Hehehehe.

So gonna bring this little gadget to Spain and spam hahahaha.

A few more test instax I printed out! You have to compensate with a lower exposure cos the print-outs come out abit over exposed. But apart from that it looks damn nice!!

And look at this amazing handmade card @trishaliang and @evonnz did for me!! It's an infinity card and you can keep on flipping and folding it! 😍

@trishaliang is so talented right? I think she's gonna do a tutorial soon on how to make that card! And please support her Washi craft store at! There's a lot of nice limited edition washi tape on for sale 😍

OMG daddy's stingrays gave birth so cute lah! It's a special species, and he calls this "batman" stingray cos its mouth is shaped like a batman logo! Lolol.

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