Dear Dayre,

Good Saturday to you!
I just got through an entire day of singing. 12pm -6.30pm Saturday is my most singing-intensive time block of the week.

Apart from Saturdays, I also have three hour rehearsals on Wednesday nights and one hour voice lessons on Thursday afternoons.

My parents always question me for spending so much time and money and effort on singing. "都没有在赚钱", they say.

It's true!

Indeed singing doesn't give me much source of income, but it gives me so much more than just money.

Music is kind of like an alternate universe to me. And I think the kind of music we do in SYC broadens my horizons not just latitude-wise when we travel and tour overseas for ateliers and competitions, but it challenges me mentally and physically. Though I still can't read music after seven years in the choir.

ANYWAYS. All made up today for my ex-colleague's wedding dinner tonight! 😁

Actually I'm not all that made up. I've been soooo lazy with my makeup recently haha, mostly just BB cream, concealer, light eyeshadow, eyeliner.

I'm wearing my new alphabet rings from #sensibar. Love how dainty they are! Thank you @jazreeltan 😘😘😘

Brandon and Lingyan's wedding celebration last night was awesome! It was like a gathering with all my ex-colleagues at Imaginary Friends Studio, some of them I last saw maybe like five or six years ago?

Both Brandon and LY are also IFS-ians.. The second couple to have met and gotten married within the studio 🙈 Which as I remarked, is quite a feat considering the ratio of male:female in the studio at any given point of time. Probably around 5:1? 20 guys and 4 girls 😅

When I first joined IFS, I was the first female artist in the studio and proud of it! Along the way, a few more ladies came in and I didn't feel so extra after that hehe.

Here's some of the ladies in the studio: two graphic designers and two digital artists. Weiting, Jasmine, Doro and myself!

I feel like nobody really changed in the last 6 years. Haha.

And for old times sake, we all went out to grab a drink (from 7-11) and hung out by the riverside outside MBS for abit.. Just chatting and catching up.

Of everyone from IFS, I'm the only one who's no longer in the art industry.. So I feel a little disconnected from the rest. But at the same time I know I never really belonged there and I was always a little separate from everyone. Nonetheless, working at IFS was my dream job and it was amazing there. I'm very glad for that two years of my life.

Artwork that I did while at IFS: card game art for WoW.

One of the major projects that I worked on at IFS was a TopCow comic series, Madame Mirage.

My main job scope was a colorist (we assigned different jobs to different artists, some are better line artists, some are better painters/colorists etc)

I did quite a fair bit of coloring work with IFS for a few US comic companies such as Penny Arcade, DC, Top Cow etc.

Despite having left the company and the industry for so many years, I still have many fond memories of working in IFS (we played DOTA every evening after work, for instance) and I'm very grateful they gave me the opportunity to be part of IFS at the peak of the company's prime for close to two years.

But well, I'm happy where I am now! 😁✨ All is good.

All I can say is, life takes you places you'd never expect to go, for sure. So just go along with the flow!

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