Dear Dayre,

Zou San!

Still rolling around in bed but it's almost time to get ready for later: @evonnz @makeupbox and myself are gonna be at Sephora ION from 12-1pm giving out loaded gift cards to the first five readers to come up to us!

If you're gonna be in town, drop by and find us!!

Meanwhile, my dogs are giving me puppy eyes and vying for my attention. Aiyo they so cute everyday.

Any of you folks heading down to Sephora ION to look for us? 😁 I'll be there at about 12.35!!! Come and find me for your free gift card!!

LAI LAI LAI!!! I'm here at Sephora already and I'm only hanging around until 1pm!!!

Don't say I never say. I'm at the photo card printing booth!!

Okay I zhao already. @evonnz still has four gift cards to give away! Go look for her cos she's still hanging around now!!

Oh I love my skirt! 😁✨

Took a video reflection of the skirt moving when I walked past a mirror 😍

Photo cards with some of the lovely people who came down to grab their gift cards from us!!

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