Dear Dayre,

Sorry for the slipshod updates. My Saturday was packed as usual and even more than usual cos of a performance for SMF (Singapore Music Festival) so I basically spent the entire day singing and waiting to sing. Doesn't make for a very interesting Dayre entry does it? :S

The most awesome part of Saturday is that we had like two hours to kill at Doby Ghaut in between sound check and performance, so I made a beeline straight for PVS outlet at Cathay Level 2!

Unfortunately lots of sizes were out but I still scored myself a pair of JC Soirée heels for like $100? Good buy!!! Plus I can use it for photoshoot hehehehe ☺️

Dinner at Cathay as well, a new restaurant by Saveur called Concetto. I think I still prefer Saveur but this wasn't bad! I had salmon though I'm not supposed to eat salmon but it's still fish right so can't be that bad?

Thought I'd order a salad on the side so that I could fill myself up with more greens, but man the whole concept at Concetto is just not meant to fill up your tummy.

Cos my salad came like this 😭😭😭

A few strands of rocket and deconstructed tomatoes. #okaycan

So we went down to Maki-San to grab another salad after that. Haha fine dining-esque fail.

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