Dear Dayre,

Had such a busy day today and I'm not done with my work boohoo. But right now I'm out at NARS 20th birthday party with some of my awesomest girlfriends!

So mesmerized by the photo gifs we took 😂😂😂

And another one!!

I was super happy to see @minpoh at the event hehehe because we usually only see each other at work. Now we are happeningggg!

In case you think it's all fun and glamour, I actually slaved my day away today working on #thevelvetdolls new arrivals! 💦 It's quite the routine every week. But I'm very proud of myself! ☺️ It's a huge accomplishment to me to have consistently pushed out weekly launches on TVD what with juggling all my other commitments.

Hopefully I can become even more efficient and productive so that TVD can become better in terms of business operations and business development!

New arrivals Sep #4 ✔️
Ticked off my list. Next is my review for a couple of new beauty products I know everyone is gonna love!!

Namely the Biore Micellar Water and Biotherm Life Plankton.. These two are new products that I've added into my routine lately and I especially appreciate the Biore Micellar Water for saving me on countless late nights that I got home so tired all I did was to swipe cotton pads soaked in the micellar solution to remove my makeup before I fell into bed. 😴

Thanks for the beautiful products, NARS! This palette looks delicious!

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