Dear Dayre,


I woke up feeling super fat. Face looks very chubby and swollen and I feel like a 🐷.

Been overeating the past four days and I suspect my period is coming cos I keep on craving carbs and junk!


不管那么多, time to go and work first! Studio shoot time today!

I'm so damn horribly busy. Photoshoot afternoon, rehearsal evening, family dinner tonight.

Tmr morning got meeting, afternoon got voice lesson.

Then magically by tomorrow I have to make sure I complete my two blog posts and finish editing all the TVD photos for this week's collection.

After that friday need to submit another post and IG.

Tonight confirm don't need to sleep liao. Chiong all the way!!!

Share some photos from Monday's outdoor shoot first!

The romper is really very chio. Yay glad you all like it too!!!

Okay I have no more time to update 🙁 Time to do work and solve problems. Jia you ba!

Hi Dayre! Back after a busy day 💦 So happyyyyy managed to get shoot done and I finished writing one advertorial too! Phew.

Now I'm out for dinner after rehearsal! With yz's family!

来啊!!! 肥死我吧! 😋😋😋

My favourite. Mesh skirt captured in mid-twirl now in solid colors! 💖💖💖

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