Dear Dayre,

OMG! Finally got my iPhone 5 upgraded to the new iPhone 6!!! Happy happy. The larger screen and slimmer design see already is shiok!

Plus, YZ and I only paid like $400 plus for two sets after re-contracting both lines and discount vouchers/points.

Hehehehehe first selfie with iPhone 6 😁

YZ and I are at our ID discussing the new layout of our future room! (When I move into his house)

His room hasn't been renovated or refurbished in about thirty years. Time for a change!!

Horrible bad quality iPhone ootd. But I asked YZ to snap a quick one! This skorts romper just came in hot off the press! 😍 Super super love!

The three prints for the romper. Hen chio de!!

Now I'm annoyed cos I tried to download photos to my phone via my camera apps but they are not working! Whyyyyy iphone 6! I thought you were so perfect for me.

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