The shoe-maker’s elf

Dear Dayre,

I get to experience some really cool stuff in my line of work!

Today's work engagement brought us to a shoe-making atelier at prettyFIT, yay to being shoe-making elves! 💃

It was quite the experience, I really respect Sophia, the lady boss of prettyFIT so much! She took time off today to instruct us on shoe-making and guide us in the design of our very own shoe. Very thankful for this opportunity which I think doesn't come by easily.

The ladies were even so thoughtful as to provide us with our very own shoe-making apron and a special name badge, teehee. I felt like I was back at school again!

We were previously given options to pick from in regards to choosing a style/fabric/color for our shoe design, and our shoes were waiting for us on the table when we walked in! 😍

Here's my pair in a white calfskin leather with silver heels!

I've always been obsessed with pointed heels and strappy shoes! So I thought it would be awesome to make my own. And definitely in white cos I just love how clean and elegant white looks. Plus white goes with everything!

Who knows, this may just be my wedding shoe! ☺️

Sophia explaining to us the shoe making process from the mould of the base "the last" to the upper and all kinds of technical sounding terms.

I never know how much went into the making of a pair of prettyFIT shoes but now I do!

And they have got insanely high QC standards for all their shoes, no wonder why prettyFIT shoes are all so comfortable! Every little detail is taken into consideration in the making of a shoe, in order to produce the best possible in terms of quality and comfort.

Here's some of the notes I took and also a sketch of my shoe design.

I was quite lost to be honest! I wanted to add embellishments to my shoe design but I didn't want to make it too bling.

I settled for a very simple embellishment in the end.. You may get to see the design soon once the sample shoe has been done up by prettyFIT's factory! 😁😁😁

So exciting huh? The other girls all had really awesome designs too so I can't wait to see everyone's finalized design for real!

It was really very fun!

And I've always enjoyed interacting with the prettyFIT team, from lady boss Sophia to the sales executive in charge, Belinda, they are such nice and genuine ladies who were so sincere in imparting knowledge and information! I'm glad for this second opportunity to work with prettyFIT again, it was truly a fantastic experience for me.

Aiya, forgot to take photos with Sophia and Belinda! 😔 Next time I hope!

Always well-fed by clients, haha.

During this workshop, I didn't just learn about shoe-making, but I think I also experienced so much more than that! As a young business owner, it inspires me a lot to see Sophia who obviously has SO much passion for prettyFIT. It's such a joy to see that! So many years into the business, but still as dedicated & involved in all the nitty gritty aspects of the business, it's something I admire and hope to learn from.

Had sucha great time! Thank you, prettyFIT!

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