Surprise! πŸŽ‰

Dear Dayre,

I found a video of myself taken 3 or 4 years ago, while I was on tour in Europe together with my girls. Woon took a video of us at some cupcake shop and I think I was saying something along the lines of "Look at this cupcake… Doesn't it look delicious? MmMmmmmm!!!"


Laughing at myself cos I look so spastically cute. Hahahahahahahaha. Like a shih tzu with crooked teeth and bangs. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I came across this saying and it is something that resonates quite fervently with me.

In the same way that the other saying goes: "Charity begins at home."

It is better that I love my fellow human beings, loved ones and friends and bring joy to them in the simple ways of love and friendship, because that is the truest act of goodness that I can do for the world. Why preach and pray for the world if you can't even bring joy to those around you?

My other favourite quote.

Cos life is too short to be unhappy. Make the most out of our short, short decades on earth!

Today is Day 40.

Of my 40-days diet!

Imma gonna be real good (as humanly possible) for the next 40 days to lose weight with #SlimCouture. Cos that's also exactly 12 sessions and 6 weeks, to @shiberty's birthday and SC's event!

So.. No more carbs, sugar and sodium! 😀 I'm gonna eat as clean as I can, and see if I can work any wonders on my body in 40 days. Of course, save for special occasions, which I'll give myself some leeway for cos you got to enjoy a bit, right?

I think updating on Dayre will help me! 😁

40 days doesn't seem too long. πŸ’ͺ 加油吧! Enough of feeling like a fatty. I never wanna go back to my whale-like days! About to head to my 1/12 Slim Couture session today. May it be a good start of 40 awesome days!

I also blogged last night: about YZ and his super results with SC! He easily lost about 7kg in just less than a month -.- I also want lei!


First of twelve sessions down 😁
Hao la! Target is to lose 0.5kg every session. Not too θΏ‡δ»½ right? I put on 0.4kg over the weekend tho! πŸ˜…

But anyway, I fell asleep during today's ba guan session! Got some shut eye hehe. The gua sha doesn't bother me much anymore, except on the inner thighs, which is a bitch. Damn sore there! Everywhere else is okay for me.

Waiting for the girls @shiberty @mariemjsoh @melissackoh now! We're gonna have brunch/lunch!

So, apparently my brunch was a surprise birthday celebration planned by dear @melissackoh! I knew that something was up once I saw @melvinlau seated at the table haha!

The first thing I asked was "Don't tell me BYZ is coming" and no one looked me straight in the eye and everyone hemmed and hawed. But cos YZ's car coincidentally also broke down (this one real one), I thought maybe his plans got foiled and he wasn't joining us anymore lol.

And then the girls (@melissackoh and @mariemjsoh) disappeared to the toilet and came back in #thevelvetdolls clothes and I was like OhHhHhh? This dress like familiar ah!! 😁😁

And I was thinking in my head "So that's the surprise ah! Everyone in TVD clothes with @melvinlau around!) Then take chio pictures! Okay!!!
Yum yum! I had Tunisian breakfast (the baked tomato chorizo egg goodness) with less of the toast, relatively healthy I think! 😁

Brunch was very normal, we were just talking and laughing like normal… Except that YZ was being a total bastard on whatsapp and quarreling with me?! I was like Walao eh what is this??

Apparently YZ was trying to distract me by quarreling with me wtf -.- So rude this boy!

I thought he was for real that one! But then we all walked out of the restaurant and then a birthday cake floated towards me in the hands of person loudly singing a birthday song!

Hair chui. Makeup chui. Face chui. And no one dared to preempt me to dress up/makeup cos they were worried I'll see thru the surprise haha shit too smart for my own good.

Until someone asked on Multifolds Instagram "Yina looks different in this picture" hahahaha don't worry it's not your fault @melvinlau I am just horrible-looking in candid photos.

Look at everyone in TVD clothes!!! 😁😁😁😁😁 Got color theme coordination somemore! Seriously only @melissackoh would think of this teehee. And no wonder everyone else (aka @reeniepoh @xiesimin) kept asking me if I were going into office on Monday cos Mel was there to pick out the clothes and they didn't want me to bump into her!

Everyone smile until like a chio except me πŸ˜… See! I don't photograph candid well at all! πŸ˜” I'm just not naturally glam. Haha.


Everyone's wearing upcoming TVD items!! All so chio. Mel is wearing a stripes jumpsuit, Jess is wearing a neoprene bodycon dress, and Marie is wearing an eyelet embroidery dress!

I'm wearing the tropic midi skirt in textured canvas 😁 Which actually Jess picked for herself but I told her she'll look good in that bodycon dress!! πŸ‘

Good job boys and girls!!! SURPRISE SUCCEEDED! πŸ˜πŸ’“

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