My favourites from August #1 πŸ’“

Dear Dayre,

New collection up on! 😍

I LOVE this collection. It's a small collection but every item is soooo pretty!

So erhem, I'm gonna spend some time glorifying my pretty apparel here cos I'm so proud of them πŸ’“

I posted the back view of the bow-back top yesterday, I have this top in multiple colors and it's the perfect date/special occasion top!

I just think the low V back and big bow is too flirty and cute for words. Depending on how you match it too, it can be either very classy if paired with a long skirt/trousers, or fun and girly if you pair it with a short flare skirt! 😁

Pair it with a tulle skirt (this white tulle midi skirt is from AforArcade) and you'll look absolutely divine!

Glam it up with a monochromatic color scheme.. And add a brooch for extra embellishment!

Oh this skirt is coming in the next collection! 😍 It's the one I wore for my birthday ☺️

The other item that is a must-get is the Brittany Trench Skirt!

This design is inspired from a Korean designer label, they have got super luxe and unique designs but the price point is damn high. Like $200-300 over for one item!

I saw this trench skirt design and I really loved it, because trench coats are impossible to wear in Singapore, and this is definitely the next best option!

This is the original inspiration. Really gorgeous! I stuck to classic shades this time so it comes in Nude, Black and Indigo, but I would love to do other interesting shades too like that teal green or maybe even mustard, if this design sells well! 😍

The fabric we picked is extremely thick and luxe, it's similar to blazer material and falls really nicely on the hips.

You can change how it looks by playing around with the way you tie the belt/sash!

By this way, this piece is in our premium range "LUXE" because the workmanship and fabric is top-notch and the cost price is even higher than that of most dresses. But for the quality, it's totally worth it!

Black is of course the most classic and versatile color. Suitable for work too! I paired it with the basic ribbed top that's also available on TVD (under Basics) for a very clean and contemporary look. Love it!

Last but not least.. This is not a manufactured piece but I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything floral πŸ™ˆ Super chic floral bomber jacket, so mad nice!!

It is really a superb collection teehee.

Go and shop on now! ☺️

Randomly, the two generous lady bosses at #SlimCouture got me a birthday present that Wanting (my friend who introduced me to SC) picked for me! 😍😍😍 Joanne was really sweet and dropped by my house to pass me the present earlier today.

Gold classic double C with pearl embellishments sibei chio!

Now I have to work extra hard to lose weight hahaha δΈθƒ½θΎœθ΄Ÿθ€ζΏε¨˜δ»¬!

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