Mini “Get-Away” TVD Photoshoot!

Dear Dayre,

I both dread and love photoshoot days. Hahaha. Heng Heng Heng (x three times) that the skies cleared up to a sunny blue after the morning showers, and we managed to make it outdoors!

Not too sure though if I should be happy or not about the incredibly sunny weather. We got some really amazing shots, but I'm very sure I got tanned at least a couple shades darker to a nice crisp brown! Even though I had the foresight to bring along an umbrella! πŸ˜‚

Secret location number one: doesn't it look like we're overseas in some nice luxe resort?


Tell you what happened. We actually meant to go to Marina Barrage but took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at a totally random spot.. But then Eric (our photographer for the day) was like.. "Mmmm it's quite nice here hor?" And I was like "Ya lor! LET'S JUST SHOOT HERE!" And TADAAAA!!!!!

Extremely on-the-spur-of-the-moment kind of good decision and a wrong-turn-become-blessing-in-disguise! πŸ˜…

Montigo resort feel? 😁

I kept on telling @billetsdouxfromc stupid things like "We're on a make-believe holiday! Pretend you're somewhere exotic soaking in the sun and relaxing at a resort!" and stuff like that haha πŸ™ˆ

Of course this super beautiful maxi dress damn "got feel" also!

We got chased by a couple of security guards tho but nothin happened to us hehehe.

I had some time to do meipai videos today too, lol. It's really fun!

This maxi dress is mega love. Can't decide which color to keep!! After much consideration, Chanel decided to keep the cream base with green prints. I'm thinking either black or blue for myself. Hmmmmmm decisions decisions!

I love the back details and the slits at the skirt! Really θ΅°θ·―ζœ‰ι£Ž! πŸƒ

It's a tough choice. Good luck to the customers too! Heh. But really, all three prints are just gorgeous. I'm very happy with how this design turned out! The cut and flow and print was exactly how I imagined it to be like. Satisfaction level 100%!

We did eventually make it to Marina Barrage haha.

And the light was going strong! It was a productive day thanks to Eric, he's a very efficient photographer!!

Okay this dress cannot miss also! Perfect for work, good length, super thick stretchy fabric and I swear it's very flattering! 😍

Comes in Emerald and Black too.


I'm never tired of a pretty flare skirt! Cos they're so versatile and wearable. And this one has a organza panel that adds a touch of whimsy to the plain old flare skirt. So feminine and dainty! 😍

I'm still editing the photos now but most of the preview photos are up on Facebook already. Loving the collection, and I can't wait to launch 😁

Last video for ya! Sent this to @evonnz and @trishaliang and told them I was in Bintan for TVD photoshoot and they didn't even doubt me. Whoever knew Singapore could look like this?

Dayre is the only social media platform where I'd post up unglam photos but this is so funny. Model VS Maid hahahahhahaha yes that was me during the entire shoot holding an umbrella to do my best to shelter myself from the sun and looking totally chui max. I don't know how the models always make it look so effortlessly easy to be pretty. It's darned difficult!

Thanks for the hard work, guys!!! 😘

Shoot kept me so busy the entire day that I had quite little to eat: some ToriQ chicken sticks for lunch, a small block of chocolate, and then stir-fried cabbage for dinner.

I must keep to my diet as much as possible! Didn't see any weight loss in this morning's session and I was a little disappointed. πŸ˜” Though I've still managed to lose a nett 1kg over 2 sessions, which means I'm on track! Hope I see results on Friday please please please!!

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