Review: Loreal Youth Code Luminizing Essence

Who doesn’t want a glowy, radiant, complexion, hands up?

Nobody put up your hand… Right? Me neither! Cos really, I’m sure everyone out there is just like me, we all lust after a perfect complexion that glows from within!

If you remember reading from my earlier posts, I’ve been trying to take good care of my skin, and have whittled down my skincare regime to a very simple and fuss-free one. However, have you ever felt like your skin sometimes looks dull and tired, even though *touch wood* you don’t have any pimples or breakouts?

I guess I’ve been flying around too much the past few months, and getting proper rest hasn’t been top on my list ever since I got back on our sunny island and have been bombarded by work work work! 🙁 

Apart from running TheVelvetDolls, blogging engagements and the likes, I’m also heavily involved in other activities, like my choral rehearsals (I spend two days, and a total of seven hours at least every week in rehearsal) and let’s not even talk about wedding prep. It’s stressing me out like crazy!

Probably due to all these factors, I feel that my skin got pretty lacklustre, and my skin tone looked dull and uneven. I think my diet and lifestyle also contributed to the overall condition of my skin as well? I haven’t been exercising for some time, and my diet has been that great as well!

But I have a little discovery to share..

I found a product that helps to activate my skin’s inner light.. L’Oréal Youth Code Luminizing Essence!

If you’ve been searching in vain for something to help with that radiant, glowy complexion, L’Oréal Youth Code Luminizing Essence is a pre-essence that gives you a natural luminous glow while boosting your skin’s absorption power!

When I mention “Activating Your Skin’s Inner Light”, it actually means to clarify the skin from inside out to reveal illuminated, brightened and translucent skin! It’s not just a term that’s being used as a marketing gimmick, because there are THREE powerful ingredients in Youth Code Luminizing Essence to do just what it claims.

Youth Code Luminizing Essence contains the following ingredients to Activate Skin’s Inner Light in 3 Dimensions (Skin Tone, Skin Light and Skin Texture)

Pro Cystein: Brightens Skin Tone
Pearls (Micro Blue Pearls): Enhances Transparency of Skin
Pore Refiner: Even Out Skin Texture

Youth Code Luminizing Essence is pinkish beige, pearlish, with a touch of blue. Blue is derived from the micro blue pearls).

Youth Code Luminizing Essence – Spread on skin

Youth Code Luminizing Essence – After absorption

As you can see, the texture of Youth Code Luminizing Essence is very lightweight and has a very runny consistency! Perfect for me because I really don’t wish to use products that are too rich or heavy. This doesn’t feel greasy or uncomfortable on the skin!

It’s very easy to apply as well, and only requires four simple steps!

1. Release one pump-full onto your palm
(You may need less if you have a smaller face! I found one full pump to be too much for me.)

 2. Distribute evenly around the palm

 3. Lightly pat onto face and neck area

4. Allow essence to be absorbed

As this is a pre-serum, you should use it before your serum and moisturiser, and it can be used both day and night! 🙂 So the order will go something like this, depending on what your skincare regime is like:

Cleanser > Toner > Youth Code Luminizing Essence > Serum > Moisturiser

Youth Code Luminizing Essence not only helps to restore radiance and translucency in your skin, my favourite part is that it boosts your skin’s absorption power for any skincare products used subsequently! So that only means that my other products will be even more effective than ever. Yay!

I’ve only been trying out Youth Code Luminizing Essence for a short period of time, but I really like how it fits into my skincare routine so effortlessly, and I do feel that my skin is getting back some of its radiance and luminosity!

In fact, I’ve been getting compliments on my skin the past few days about how my skin is looking flawless and radiant! 😉 Teehee. And that’s definitely making me glow with happiness! Hahaha.

Of course, I believe in putting on a huge smile on my face too, and staying happy and carefree regardless of any circumstances! Then, I’m sure you will be glowing inside out!

Youth Code Luminizing Essence is retailing at $45.90, now available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA,  selected Department Stores and Supermarkets. Check in stores for promotional discounts!

To find out more about Youth Code Luminizing Essence, do visit the Microsite or Facebook page!


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