I ate a grasshopper 😱

Dear Dayre,

Morning! Woo it's Friday with national day weekend ahead! Soooo happy (tomorrow no choir rehearsal for once omg!)


I woke up at like 4plus am today and only got back to sleep around 7am tsk.. Was aimlessly surfing on my phone. Such a bad bad habit!

Anyways, all dressed up and made up to head out today for a series of appointments! 😁

I woke up to this squashed looking furry mess. She's always super nua in the mornings. Haha. I love my dogs!

Magic word "gai gai" never fails to perk her up. But look at that lion's mane and squashed face! Hahaha. @zuanqing, miss her?

I haven't mentioned it, but I have a new pup in the house! She's a silver white schnauzer and we are calling her Scruffy.

She's very heavy for a pup! So hard to carry! And very niap-ish and likes to nibble on fingers and toes. Very adorable though!! Her fur is so soft and wooly, like a little lamb.

I think she's gonna have an identity crisis cos my parents insist on calling her "Pepper" after my old schnauzer who passed away from old age.

But right now, she's not responding to either name!

Here's a video of Scruffy/Pepper. Cute hor?

New dress from #thevelvetdolls! 😁

It just came today, ehehehe. Love the cutting, really very flattering! And I feel like an OL in it. Very suitable for work and other prim and proper occasions! πŸ‘Œ I changed into it after today's session at #SlimCouture cos I had some cupping marks on my arms 😁

But I lost 0.6kg at least yay! Tho I sure put back on over national day weekend. So many meals to go for. 😭

I love the fabric, it's so thick and stretchy! Helps to hide bulges πŸ™ˆ

@shiberty tried it on and loved it too so she kept a piece for herself straight away haha. And we both wore the same dress out in different colors!! Looked retarded but we don't care. And I crashed her KTV party at Teoheng in the afternoon since I had some time to kill before evening time.

Dinner time with the girls at Hana Hana by Teppei!!

@evonnz @withlovetricia @jaynetham @trishaliang and Yanny were all there!

And lookie at @jaynetham and my birthday cake hahaha topped with pony figurines! 😁😁😁

Dinner started innocently enough.. We ordered Omakase and I had the $60 one! You'll be served random skewers decided by the chef but you can tell them your preferences (no gizzard or weird parts for me)

SO much food!!

My favourite was the cherry tomatoes wrapped in bacon and grilled cheese. Melt in the mouth omgggg!

There were interesting dishes too like chicken meat with soft bone cartilage! Very crunchy.


It's freaking grasshopper 😱😱😱

@withlovetricia screamed so loudly when the chef put this in her hand hahaha! I didn't want to eat it at first but since everyone was so brave.. we all did it together!!! #achievementunlocked

TBH… It just tasted like ikan bilis >.< but seeing the feelers and legs was just gross max….

Hahaha look at Tricia's horrified and disgusted face πŸ˜‚

Jayne and I got a special "cake" too from Chef Teppei! Made from salmon roe, salmon and rice! Hehe.

Finally ended with this bowl of goodness… Beef steak bowl gyu-don! Woaaa so shiok the beef was very soft and tasty mmmm!

$60 for a super stuffed tummy.. Worth it!!!

Thanks for le awesome night out girls!!

We started our meal at about 9 plus and ended at 12 midnight.. πŸ˜‚ Had a fantastic time!! And Tricia passed me Jenny cookies from HK too thank you!!! 😘

Much love to everyoneeeee! πŸ’“

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