Happy 49th Birthday, Singapore!

Dear Dayre,

Happy national day!!!!

This 15 seconds of singing took us like twenty minutes to record cos I had to teach YZ the accompanying harmony line. Ahaha. But it turned out not bad!

I've been matching my outfits around my new 💓bag💓 heh! Today is TVD's upcoming floral romper with a denim jacket. It was also white with abit of red so at least it's national day-ish.

Went HDL (yes again?!) in the afternoon with a few of YZ's friends! I am never sick of that mala omg it is the best thing ever. So so so shiok! Also surprisingly there was no queue in the afternoon and they actually allow reservations in the afternoon.

So damn full after HDL but we still went to Ktv at Teoheng (Hotel Rendezvous!) Even on a public holiday, it was only $10 per pax for 3 hours. Cheap until~~~

Next on the schedule: rushed down to @shiberty's to celebrate Sam's birthday together with everyone else!!!

The theme = Hawaiian, which was also why I chose to wear florals today. Here's the girls all looking awesome flower power packed!

These homemade churros are the best ever. Everyone was snatching at the churros, no holding back! Accompanied with melted white chocolate and Nutella.. I died and went to heaven. Or dieters' hell.

The rest started to "点歌" after we did our national day duet, and this song was requested by Xavier! It's a very popular duet, most of you should have heard it before.

I think we'll try this song again for our next Instagram duet! 😁

And then we thought the men (who don't understand mandarin) deserved a song too and we started karaoke-ing along to John Legend!! 😂😂😂 Look at ridiculous Sam and @shiberty!

😂😂😂 @melissackoh like cannot control her laughter already cos @shiberty was going crazy with her actions and gestures.

Such a funny impromptu karaoke session!! Next time for real okay!

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